Beaufort, South Carolina

According to anycountyprivateschools, Beaufort, South Carolina is located in the heart of the Lowcountry region, just south of Hilton Head Island. The city is situated on Port Royal Island, which is part of the Sea Islands chain. Beaufort is bounded by the waters of Port Royal Sound and the Atlantic Ocean to the east and south, respectively. To the north and west, Beaufort is bordered by marshlands and rivers that flow into nearby estuaries.

Beaufort has a humid subtropical climate with mild winters and hot, humid summers. Temperatures rarely dip below freezing during winter months and average around 60 degrees Fahrenheit in January. Summers are hot and humid with temperatures often reaching 90 degrees Fahrenheit or higher in July. Rainfall occurs year-round with an annual average of around 56 inches per year.

The landscape of Beaufort is comprised mainly of flat coastal terrain with some low hills in the northern part of town. The downtown area consists mainly of historic buildings from colonial times as well as some newer developments along Bay Street near Henry C Chambers Waterfront Park. The harbor area features several marinas which offer boat slips for visitors to enjoy fishing or boating excursions on nearby waterways such as Battery Creek or Coosaw River.

Beyond downtown lies residential neighborhoods featuring a mix of historic homes as well as new construction developments, many situated along tree-lined streets offering views of estuaries and marshes nearby. Further inland from town are several large plantations such as Old Sheldon Church Ruins or Laurel Hill Plantation that offer visitors a glimpse into South Carolina’s past while also providing wonderful photo opportunities for anyone looking to capture stunning images of this beautiful region’s natural beauty.

Beaufort offers plenty for visitors to explore including historical sites, outdoor activities such as kayaking or fishing trips, unique shops, delicious restaurants serving up local seafood specialties, art galleries featuring local works or simply soaking up some sun at one of its many beaches along Port Royal Sound or Fripp Island Resort just south on St Helena Island near Hunting Island State Park.

Beaufort, South Carolina

History of Beaufort, South Carolina

Beaufort, South Carolina has a rich and storied history that dates back to the early 1500s. The area was first inhabited by Native Americans, but in 1514 Spanish explorers led by Juan Pardo were the first Europeans to explore the area. The Spanish referred to the area as Santa Elena, and established a fort nearby in 1566.

In 1663, King Charles II of England granted the Carolinas to eight of his loyal supporters who became known as “The Lords Proprietors”. These men appointed William Sayle as Governor of Carolina and he arrived in Beaufort in 1670 with 120 settlers. Sayle quickly established a settlement at Port Royal which would later become known as Beaufort Towne.

In 1711, British forces captured Port Royal from French forces during Queen Anne’s War and renamed it Beaufort Towne after Henry Somerset, Duke of Beaufort. The town grew quickly over the next few decades as it became an important commercial center for shipping goods between Charleston and Savannah.

During the American Revolution, British forces occupied Beaufort Towne from 1779-1782 and destroyed most of its buildings during their retreat in 1782. Afterward, much of the town was rebuilt but some original buildings still remain today including St Helena’s Church which was built in 1820 and is still used today for services.

The Civil War had a major impact on Beaufort’s history with Union troops occupying it throughout much of 1861-1865 while Confederate troops held nearby Fort Walker on Hilton Head Island until they surrendered in 1865 ending the war in South Carolina. In 1861 Union soldiers began construction on Battery Creek Fort at Parris Island which is still active today and is home to Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island where all new Marines are trained before being deployed overseas.

Beaufort has continued to grow since then with tourism becoming an important part of its economy thanks to its many historical sites and natural beauty along Port Royal Sound and Fripp Island Resort just south on St Helena Island near Hunting Island State Park offering plenty for visitors to explore including historical sites, outdoor activities such as kayaking or fishing trips, unique shops, delicious restaurants serving up local seafood specialties or art galleries featuring local works.

Economy of Beaufort, South Carolina

The economy of Beaufort, South Carolina is largely driven by tourism and the military. The city has become a popular destination for tourists due to its beautiful natural scenery, historical sites, and unique culture. The city is home to several tourist attractions such as Hunting Island State Park, Fripp Island Resort, and St Helena’s Church which have all contributed to the growth of Beaufort’s tourism industry.

In addition to tourism, the military also plays an important role in Beaufort’s economy. Battery Creek Fort at Parris Island was built by Union soldiers during the Civil War and is still active today as Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island where all new Marines are trained before being deployed overseas. This has created numerous jobs in the area as well as providing a steady source of income for local businesses that cater to military personnel.

The commercial fishing industry is also an important part of Beaufort’s economy with many local fishermen catching shrimp, oysters, crabs and other sea life from Port Royal Sound. Seafood caught locally is sold in markets around town as well as served in some of the city’s restaurants giving visitors a true taste of South Carolina cuisine.

In addition to these industries, Beaufort also has a vibrant small business community with many unique shops selling everything from antiques and art galleries showcasing local works to clothing stores offering up stylish apparel perfect for any occasion. There are also several restaurants serving up delicious dishes made with fresh local ingredients from nearby farms or seafood caught from Port Royal Sound.

Beaufort has seen steady growth over the years thanks to its diverse economy which provides plenty of opportunities for residents whether they work in tourism, fishing or one of the city’s many small businesses. With its stunning scenery and abundance of activities available both on land and at sea there’s no wonder why so many people choose this charming city on South Carolina’s coast as their vacation destination year after year.

Politics in Beaufort, South Carolina

Politics in Beaufort, South Carolina have been largely dominated by the Republican Party since Reconstruction. Since 1980, the majority of voters in Beaufort County have consistently elected Republicans to serve in local, state, and federal offices. This trend is reflective of the region’s Overall, conservative leanings.

At the local level, most of Beaufort’s elected officials are registered Republicans. The current mayor of Beaufort is Billy Keyserling who was first elected in 2011 and is running for re-election this year. He is joined by a city council composed of six Republicans and two Democrats.

At the state level, all five members of Beaufort County’s delegation to the South Carolina House of Representatives are Republicans. Similarly, all three members of the county’s delegation to the South Carolina Senate are also registered Republicans.

The Republican Party also holds a supermajority in both chambers of Congress from South Carolina with only one Democratic representative from Beaufort County currently serving on Capitol Hill. This representative is Joe Cunningham who was first elected in 2018 and has since become a leader on environmental issues including offshore drilling and climate change.

Beaufort County has long been considered a reliable red county when it comes to presidential elections with Republican candidates usually receiving at least 60% or more of the vote over their Democratic counterparts in recent decades. The last time a Democrat carried Beaufort County was during Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign when he won by just under 10%.

In conclusion, politics in Beaufort, South Carolina have largely been dominated by Republicans at all levels for many years now and this trend looks set to continue into 2020 and beyond as conservative values remain strong among its residents.