Definition of Activity in English

Activity is a concept that comes from the Latin word activĭtas. This term is the result of the sum of three clearly differentiated components such as the following:
– “Actus”, which can be translated as “carried out”.
– ”- ivo”, which is used to indicate an active or passive relationship.
-The suffix “-dad”, which is used to indicate “quality”.

These are the actions that an individual or an institution develops on a daily basis, as part of their obligations, tasks or functions.

For example: “My activity in the company consists of checking the machines to carry out preventive maintenance and repairing those that are not working correctly”, “Tomorrow the teacher will tell us what activity we will have to carry out in the Radio Workshop”, “Due to a strike, next Tuesday there will be no banking activity ”.

In the field of economics, an activity is a process that involves the production and / or exchange of services and goods in order to satisfy the needs of the human being. An economic activity, therefore, usually involves obtaining, processing and marketing raw materials.

The agriculture in this context, is an economic activity. This activity is classified as primary, since it is limited to extracting natural resources (planting and harvesting corn, to name a possibility). A secondary economic activity is one destined to the modification of natural resources (such as processing corn to commercialize it as canned food). In the case of services, they are classified as tertiary economic activities (they do not produce or sell physical goods: the Internet connection service, the hotel industry, etc.).

At a general level, the notion of activity refers to the movement, the task or the process linked to a certain sector or area. Thus, one can speak of labor activity, volcanic activity, physical activity, cultural activities and many others.

In the same way, we cannot overlook the existence of what is known as leisure activities. Under this term are included all those that can be carried out to be able to enjoy to the maximum the free time, which is had to enjoy hobbies, hobbies, passions… that is, the one that does not have to do with the professional schedule or commitments personal.

Thus, for example, in this category we come across cultural or hiking routes, bicycle rides, sports such as climbing or mountaineering, dining in restaurants, spa sessions, theater, cinema…

In addition there is also what we know as paranormal activity. Under this denomination we come across what are phenomena that have to do with ghosts, spirits, specters and other elements that escape all reason. Precisely in this sense we must highlight the existence of a film entitled “Paranormal Activity”.

It is a film released in 2007 and of the horror genre that is directed by the Israeli Oren Peli. It tells the story of a couple who find it really difficult to live at home because there is an entity that overwhelms them, scares them, blocks them…