Definition of Advertising Agency in English

What is an advertising agency or communication agency?

Advertising and communication agencies are service providers like other marketing agencies. You support other companies in implementing advertising and communication measures online and offline. The agencies can support the client in strategy , planning, implementation and evaluation as required .

What does an advertising or communication agency do?

The field of activity of an advertising or communication agency is very broad. You support the client in branding or advertising campaigns, in digital marketing , in corporate communications or in employer branding . In short: advertising and communication agencies are responsible for all advertising activities.

Defined by Abbreviationfinder, these types of agencies focus on internal and external communication within the company. This can also concern the branding of a company or the realization of campaigns. Classic areas of communication , such as media work or crisis communication, are also covered by advertising and communication agencies.

How do I find a communication or advertising agency?

In order to find a suitable advertising or communication company, the company has to consider the framework conditions. What do I want to employ the agency for, for branding or for a campaign ? Or do we need support in a specific area such as crisis communication or the creation of advertising measures and press releases? Budget and time frame ideas should also be defined so that the advertising or communication agency has the most important key data available.

If the client is clear about what he needs, he can start looking for agencies. With advertising and communication agencies it is no different than with other marketing agencies: the offer is large and confusing. Ranking lists or directories from the Internet can help.

Comparing agencies is essential in making the best choice. Before contacting an advertising agency or communications agency , it is important to do some Internet research. So you can look at the website or the agency’s social media channels. The former is particularly meaningful: A user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing website is a must for advertising and communication agencies. The website should also contain all the relevant information, such as which service areas are covered and how to contact the agency.

Agencies can then be contacted and maybe even invited to pitch . In a pitch , for example, the client gives the agency the most important information about the planned campaign . The agency then prepares a detailed presentation – the pitch – and presents it to the company.

A pitch gives the client the opportunity to see in which direction the agency’s ideas are going and whether they are on the same wavelength. However, pitches are time consuming and not entirely free. Companies can also do without the pitch and find out which one suits them best by means of an initial discussion with various agencies.

How much does an advertising or communication agency cost?

The costs for an advertising agency or communication agency can vary greatly depending on the service that is used. The average hourly rate is CHF 180.

The agency can bill these costs with an hourly model, a subscription model or a success-based model. With the hourly model, the hours spent are charged to the client, while with the subscription model, the same amount is due in advance every month. The success-based model, on the other hand, can only be used if there is a measurable value, such as number of sales or bookings. The agency receives a percentage of 5-15 percent of the proceeds.

In addition to the costs of the advertising or communication agency, there are of course the costs of the advertising campaign or the individual measures themselves. Here the costs can fluctuate extremely strongly – from a few thousand francs to several hundred thousand francs. It all depends on whether the advertising includes, for example, cinema or television advertising, printed flyers or posters, online campaigns, etc. For example, provides an approximate overview of the various costs .

Which is the best advertising and communication agency in Zurich and Bern?

Which is the best communications agency can depend heavily on the client and their ideas. If you trust the ranking of Leading Swiss Agencies from 2019, the answer is Publics Communications Schweiz AG , followed by Farner Consulting AG and Jung von Matt Limmat – all agencies located in Zurich.

Each of these agencies has already implemented various campaigns for well-known brands such as Sunrise, PostFinance, or Zweifel, which marks their success. There are also promising offers in the Swiss capital, Bern, such as Republica AG , which has already implemented campaigns for Jaguar Switzerland.

The Effie Awards present an award for particularly successful campaigns every year. In 2020, the Bank Cler Zac campaign was awarded silver twice. The communication agency Heimat Zürich GmbH is behind the campaign . Such awards can also be used to find well-known agencies and also to see a living case.

What is b2b or b2c marketing and how does it work?

Agencies can be effective in b2c and / or b2b marketing. Here it is important that the client is also aware of the difference. At b2b, one speaks of business relationships between companies (business-to-business). So b2b marketing is about acquiring corporate customers. B2c (Business-to-Customer) is about the business relationship between company and customer. Marketing should therefore reach the end customer there. In both variants, marketing measures are possible and necessary in order to establish new business relationships.

Both forms – b2c and b2b marketing – have the same approach. In both cases, for example, you can work with social media marketing in order to bring the service or product to the customer or the other company. Or you can send newsletters to the customer or the company’s contact person to attract attention. B2c and b2b marketing will take place online more and more due to digitization .

What is the difference between an advertising agency and a PR agency?

The tasks of a communication or advertising agency are very similar to those of a PR agency. The PR agency goes one step further, so that it includes all relevant target groups of a company in the strategy and cares about how good the company’s reputation is.

Crisis management is also often located in PR, also known as public relations . The PR agency wants to ensure that the client has a steadfast appearance both internally and externally. This is attempted, for example, through press releases or conferences. But PR agencies can also set up social media strategies and operate online marketing.

What is a full service agency?

A full service agency covers all categories of marketing agencies – from digital marketing to advertising agencies and web design to SEO or PR agencies . The full service agency manages various areas for the client and can thus create coordinated concepts and measures. A full service agency therefore covers an extremely broad area, which can be an advantage. However, she may not have as deep an insight into all areas as specialized agencies have in their field of activity.

Definition of Advertising Agency in English