Definition of Affection in English

When we talk about the word affection we are referring to a feeling in which a person feels sympathy for another or others, because he is inclined to that person, thing or, because he cares for any of them or everyone.

Likewise, affection is defined as the action through which a person or human being demonstrates his love or affection to another or several people. The word affection comes from the Latin “affectus” which translates the phrase of the passions of the mind, which leads us to understand that a person can feel fully identified with the other because he has a great affection, which makes him demonstrate his attachment, inclination or friendship towards that or those people.

When it is said that a person has affection for another, it is because he repeatedly has gestures and actions that express affection, esteem, appreciation and cordiality, but additionally it is because the other or other people have also demonstrated that feeling for those who feel affection, it is there where those feelings of friendship, appreciation and attachment between these people and the relationships they share are born.

In this way, it is understood that affection is the result of a process, a complex process, in which 2 or more people interact socially, although it may also be the case of a pet, and that it is characterized by feedback between them, that is to say, that one expresses his feeling of affection, esteem, appreciation or friendship and the other or others also show signs of having importance for his companions.

However, it should be noted that feeling affection is different from loving a person, since the first sentence refers to the person feeling a degree of affection or friendship for another, while the second has to do with that person who feels love and she feels passionate about another, which could cause her to do anything for her.

According to the Neurologist, Antonio Damásio, of Portuguese origin, the emotions and reactions of the human being have to do and are linked to the body, while feelings as is the case of affection have to do or is more associated with the mind . That is why he explains that when one is in the presence of emotions, it is an individual process, which unlike affection is an interaction process in which two or more people demonstrate such feelings of friendship and affection.

However, there are theories that contradict it like the one made by the Dutch philosopher Benedict de Spinoza, whereby he explains that there are great links between affection, emotions, body and mind and that these are not distinguished according to whether the process is individual or collective

The use of the word affection also has to do with the obligation that a person or several have to exercise their functions or activities in a specific place or place, as is the case of a concentrated football team prior to a match, from which You can say that the players affected in the concentration cannot walk or be interrupted during their training.

Affect and affect

It is important to know that although the word affect is derived from the word affection, these are completely contrary and opposite. The expression affection refers to a caress, a gesture, an attention, a care for the person, a kiss and a demonstration of affection, in turn, the word affect a person is understood to be hurting, harming, damaging, which makes them completely different one word with the other.