Definition of Birth Certificate in English

Certificate is a concept with several uses. In this case we are interested in keeping its meaning as the official record that certifies a certain event. The notion of birth, for its part, refers to the act and the consequence of being born (a verb that can refer to emerging from the womb, from an egg or a seed).

The birth certificate, therefore, is the document that records when a person is born. In said document, issued by the State, there are various data related to the individual who has just been born, such as his name and the name of his parents, the date and place of birth.

To generate the birth certificate, the parents of the newborn (or one of them) must go to a civil registry with the certificate that was given to them in the hospital or health center where the birth took place. In the civil registry, the parents register their child and receive the corresponding birth certificate, which is the first step for the baby in question to be registered as a citizen of a certain country.

The original birth certificate is filed in the civil registry, while the parents receive a copy. The document may be required to carry out various procedures, such as an application for citizenship or the inclusion of the individual in a social work to obtain medical coverage.

It is important to establish that, in recent times, in Spain, in order to greatly facilitate the registration of their child, it has been chosen to allow the registration of the same can be done in the hospital itself. In this way, the fact that they have to go to the aforementioned Civil Registry to obtain the birth certificate is left aside.

Now, in health centers, there is a specific area that is responsible for sending all the necessary documentation to the aforementioned agency so that parents do not have to go to it.

In addition to its importance for procedures and for the generation of other documents (such as the national identity document), the birth certificate establishes the origin of an individual. In this way, in the future, the person himself can trace his birth certificate to learn about his parents, if for any reason he did not have or does not have contact. When it comes to a celebrity, researchers often look for their birth certificate to confirm when and where the character they are interested in was born.

Of course, in order to access the birth certificate that is kept in the relevant registry, it is necessary to request it previously, either by email, through the web forms that may exist or in person.

Among the main problems that can arise when obtaining the aforementioned certificate for a baby is that of not being allowed to register with the chosen name. This may be because it is a name that is not collected as such in the country or because it is considered that it may be offensive to the child in question.

Thus, for example, the case of a minor who was not allowed to register him under the name León in the Registry, leaped to the media. Hence, their parents had to go to court to get them to agree.

Birth Certificate