Definition of Commercial Activity in English

It is called activity to the process or action carried out by an individual or institution, usually as part of their regular duties or functions. Commercial, on the other hand, is that linked to commerce (the operations of buying and / or selling products and services).

The commercial activity thus consists in the exchange of goods or symbolic goods. The money is the usual means of change: a person acquires certain products by giving money, and in turn get money to offer the fruits of their labor.

Whoever engages in commercial activity is called a merchant. Suppose a person decides to open a store dedicated to selling shoes. The main commercial activity of this individual will be the commercialization of the products, which he delivers in exchange for money. In turn, this commercial activity leads him to participate in other acts of commerce, buying shoes from their producers or acquiring shelves to show off his articles to potential buyers.

For a long time, commercial activity was carried out in physical spaces such as shops or markets. Nowadays, however, the advancement of technology allows many people to engage in commercial activity through the Internet. The products are offered virtually and the buyer can pay remotely, receiving the purchase at his home. Thus, there is no physical contact between the merchant and the customer.

Another peculiarity of the current commercial activity is that many times a good is produced in a country X, it is offered for sale in a nation Z and it ends up being consumed in a third country. This is due to the phenomenon known as globalization.

This evolution of commercial activity can also be seen in the fields of cinema, television and video games, three industries that currently offer their products in digital format. The convenience that this provides for buyers goes far beyond the fact of not having the need to leave their homes to go to a physical store: during pleasure trips or removals, for example, the possibility of carrying tens or hundreds from movies, TV series and games that take absolutely no place is something that just a few decades ago would have seemed like a dream.

On the other hand, it is very interesting to note that today the public is much more exposed to commercial transactions than it was a few years ago: since it is enough to look at our mobile phone to receive offers of products and services that we can pay and receive without even getting out of bed, avoiding consumerism in this age is an especially difficult task.

As in any field, commercial activity cannot be carried out by anyone, that is, success is not assured since it is necessary to invest time and dedication in a business in order for it to bear fruit, something that not everyone is willing to do. Furthermore, we must not forget the importance of intuition when devising or maintaining such an undertaking: it is not easy to find the ideal product or service and direct it effectively towards the public that demands it.

This does not mean that there are various platforms designed specifically for people without the natural talent for business, or for those who do not want to get very involved in opening and maintaining a store. Such is the case of franchises, which could be described as “à la carte businesses”; Although acquiring them does not completely free us from effort and disorders, it saves us a lot of the work, especially the search for a good idea, customers and suppliers.

Commercial Activity