Definition of Competition in English

The term competition comes from the Latin concursus. It can refer to attendance (in the sense of a group of people), the simultaneity of events, circumstances or things, or attendance and participation.

In any case, the most common use of the concept refers to competition. This competition can take place between different candidates seeking an award (for example, a question and answer contest on TV) or between applicants to perform a work or provide a service according to certain conditions (“The government has called a contest for the public works tender ”).

It could be said, in other words, that a contest is an organized gathering of subjects with the potential capacity to fulfill certain objectives in a certain area. In these cases, the winner of the contest is chosen by said ability.

In the case of television, we have to underline that the contest genre has become one of its fundamental pillars when it comes to achieving good audience figures. In this sense, it is worth noting that in the case of Spain there are many contests that are already considered mythical programs in the history of the small screen.

Thus, among them we could mention “One, two, three, answer again”, “The right price”, “Figures and letters”, “3 x 4”, “Pasapalabra”, “Know and win”, “¿¿ Who wants to be a millionaire?” or “The Roulette of Fortune”. Two contests the latter that are very successful spaces in many countries of the world.

Specifically, “Who wants to be a millionaire?” it has even led to the making of an internationally successful film called “Slumdog Millionaire.” In 2008 it was when, under the direction of Danny Boyle, this film was released that revolves around a participant in the Indian version of the program and the economic and vital hardships that he has to face in his day to day life.

In sweepstakes, which can also be called contests, the winner is randomly selected. This is the case of a TV program that encourages its viewers to send a letter to participate in a raffle for a car, for example. The spectator will send his letter, it will be mixed with those of the other contestants, and one will be chosen according to what luck will bring.

We also have to underline that there are what are known as equestrian competitions, which are sports-type events that are held in different cities or countries and in which riders participate with their horses. These will have to undergo tests of different types where both must demonstrate their qualities and skills in terms of speed, jumping or coordination.

Finally, we can highlight that a bankruptcy occurs when a person, whether physical or legal, cannot face a debt. In this way, a creditors’ contest is organized, where it is examined whether the debtor can pay his debt with his assets.

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