Definition of Complement in English

From the Latin complementum, complement is that which is added to something to improve it or make it whole. The term has different uses depending on the context.

In the field of grammar, a complement is a series of syntactic constituents that are required by a nucleus to clarify, specify, extend or complete the meaning of the phrase they head. It is possible to distinguish between the complements of the noun and the complements of the verb.

“The manager will be here shortly”, “We bring the dessert”, “Juan bought a plant for the patio” and “He hit hard” are examples of sentences that include syntactic complements.

For computing, a plug-in is an application that gives a new and usually specific function to a program (software). It is common for plugins (also known as add- ons) to be collaborations with external developers that enhance the functions of the main application. For example: ” I installed an add on my browser pages that translates instant”, ” You need a complement to play that type of file”.

Without a doubt, translators are one of the most popular web browser plugins, since they allow the most curious to enjoy a greater volume of content, even if their degree of precision is not extremely reliable. However, used as instant dictionaries of individual terms or set phrases, they are very useful. In the case of languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike Japanese, which shamelessly combine four alphabets, being able to hover over a term and immediately obtain a series of possible meanings is difficult to reject.

According to DigoPaul, another type of highly sought-after add-on is the one that blocks advertisements on websites, to facilitate navigation and avoid clicking on them unintentionally. Among its benefits are the following: the elimination of certain images and videos with erotic content, since they can be uncomfortable in certain areas and violent for children; it makes it safer to work on your own projects, since it definitely avoids the possibility of being penalized for clicking on advertising; speeds up the loading of videos.

However, blocking advertisements is not beneficial for everyone, as it entails a significant loss for the owners of the sites we visit. Do not forget that many people live on the income they earn from advertising, so preventing their loading is not much different from sneaking into a theater without buying the ticket.

Firebug, for example, is a plugin for Firefox that offers a large number of tools for web developers, both for programmers and designers. Although today its functions are present in other browsers by default, it is still extremely useful to make real-time modifications to a page to analyze the potential results before working directly on the source code.

With an add-on it is also possible to download videos or extract their audio and convert it to the desired format, such as MP3. Once again, this cannot always be considered an absolutely legal activity, since it is not a function that sites like YouTube offer by default and that the original content does not belong to us, so it is not our place to keep a copy of it..

The biology uses the notion of a complement to refer to the set of plasma proteins that react cascaded to defend the body of a hostile agent. The complement system is part of the immune response.

In geometry, complement is the angle that, added with another, completes a right angle. In other words, the complement is the difference between a certain angle and a right angle.

Clothing accessories, whether male or female, are also called accessories: “I already have the dress for the party on Saturday: now I have to choose some accessories.