Definition of Complex in English

The term complex, from the Latin complexus, makes it possible to refer to that which is made up of various elements. Complex is called the union of two or more things, the set of factories that are located close to each other and that are under the same technical and financial management and the set of facilities or buildings that are grouped to develop a common activity.

A complex, therefore, consists of several units. For example: “I have a reservation in a tourist complex facing the Caribbean Sea”, “The industrial complex in my city continues to grow and already occupies several hectares”, “Luciano’s father has a hotel complex in Cancun”.

According to DigoPaul, complex is also something difficult, tangled, far-fetched or complicated: “It is a complex problem, I don’t think we can solve it in a few hours”, “Amanda is a complex person, you never know what she is thinking”, “The evaluation was so complex that only three students managed to pass ”.

For psychology, a complex is formed by a set of repressed emotions and ideas associated with the experiences of the person. These unconscious ideas disturb the behavior of the subject and influence his personality. The Oedipus complex and the Electra complex are some examples.

The first case cited, the Oedipus complex, we can say that it is one that makes a child, in the stage that goes from two to seven years, feel a normal and unconscious rejection towards what is his parent of the same sex. Thus, for example, there are children who are attracted to their mother and reject, on the other hand, their father.

This translates into the aforementioned child being very possessive with his mother, demanding constant pampering as well as continuous attention. A fact that will even lead him to enter his parents’ room without knocking with the clear objective of avoiding all kinds of intimacy between them.

A circumstance that, with the passage of time, will disappear as the child in question identifies with the parent of the same sex.

On the contrary, the aforementioned Electra complex is one that makes the girl feel an affective attraction towards her father. That is not as palpable as Oedipus for the simple circumstance that the little ones have such an emotional relationship with their mothers that they do not get to establish in such an open way that rejection or competition with them.

Between three and seven years is when the aforementioned complex also takes place that frequently leads the little girl in question to even say that she wants to marry her father. However, after that time it will disappear and the girl will begin another phase in which her mother is her role model.

A complex number is one that expresses the sum between a real number and an imaginary number. In chemistry, finally, a complex is a molecular structure in which an atom or metal ion is surrounded by anions or molecules that are equipped with lone pairs.