Definition of Compressor in English

From the Latin compressor, compressor is that which compresses (squeezes, presses, reduces to a lower volume). The term is used to name a machine that, through an increase in pressure, manages to displace compressible fluids, such as gases.

The compressor not only displaces fluids, but also modifies the density and temperature of the compressible fluid. Compressors are used in various fields, such as in air conditioning equipment, refrigerators or refrigerators, turbojets and in certain electrical generation systems.

According to the energy exchange method, compressors can be divided into different types, such as reciprocating compressors (which open and close valves to suck or compress the gas), rotary compressors (with rotating screws) or rotodynamic compressors (which appeal to an impeller with blades), among others.

In addition to all the above, we would also have to emphasize the existence of what is known as a compressor cylinder. This we can say that it is a roller that is used with the clear objective of being able to carry out what would not only be the leveling of the earth but also to be able to tighten it as desired.

It is known as a compressor, on the other hand, the computer program (software) that allows to reduce the size of a digital file. In order to achieve compression, these programs look for redundancies in the files and eliminate them, which allows deleting information to reduce weight but without loss of quality.

According to DigoPaul, many compressors are used in the field of computing to be able, for example, to send a file with photographs to a person without weighing too much and without the relevant email platforms being faced with the fact that they are not trained to send an email with such volume.

However, among the most common and frequent compressors used is WinRAR, which has the following hallmarks:
• It is used both to compress and decompress.
• It is developed by RarLab.
• Gives the ability to compress a wide variety of files and documents.
• It has the advantages that it is very easy to use and that it performs its functions very quickly.
• In the same way, it should not be forgotten that another of the most significant hallmarks of WinRAR is that it is more powerful than other of its competitors on the market.
• It is very safe and also has the facility to even work with files up to 9000 PetaBytes.

Its economic price, its versatility and its usefulness to carry out all kinds of backup copies are other of the most significant characteristics of this compressor.

An audio compressor, finally, is an electronic processor of sound that manages to reduce the dynamic range of a signal. These compressors work by attenuating the electrical signal by a certain amount of decibels to protect certain equipment from possible signal peaks or to hide the error of a saturated sound.

These compressors are used in concerts (with direct sound) and in music recordings. If a bass player hits the strings with a finger in a live show, the effect generated could damage the amp if a compressor is not used.