Definition of Concert in English

Concert comes from the verb concertar (compose, order, adjust). It may be an agreement between two or more people or entities on an issue: “The government’s intention is to reach a great social concert with the participation of various actors”, “The economic agreement failed and could not prevent the intensification of the crisis”. In a similar sense, the concert is the good order and arrangement of things.

The most common use of the concept, however, is associated with music. It is about the staging of a musical performance (with various individual compositions) live. This means that the concert requires the presence of the musicians playing their instruments and performing various songs.

If the musicians pretend to play their instruments but the sound is emitted through a recording, they are said to play back. This practice, common in certain artists, is considered a deception of the public, even though it is frequent that certain fragments of some works include recorded audio.

Specifically, we would have to underline the existence of two main types of concerts. On the one hand, there are the classics, which are those in which an orchestra comes to act as accompanist for another instrument that, in its case, becomes the absolute protagonist of the event. This last fact means that the person who plays it is an absolute genius of it, a virtuoso, who will demonstrate his musical qualities to the audience.

On the other hand, there is the modern concert type. Recital is also the name given to the one in which a group or soloist accompanied by musicians is in charge of interpreting their greatest hits and their latest album so that all their fans can enjoy them.

When that band or artist performs during a certain period a relevant number of concerts with that musical album, they carry out what is known as a tour. It should be emphasized that many of these tours are the ones that have become authentic milestones in the history of music. However, among the most significant are “A Bigger Band Tour” (2005-2007) by The Rolling Stones; Madonna’s “Sticky & Sweet Tour” (2008-2009) or Michael Jackson’s “” Dangerous World Tour ”(1992-1993).

Lady Gaga, AC / DC, Eagles, Pink Floyd or U2 are other artists who have managed to become authentic references in the history of music, among other things, due to the spectacular and great concert tours they have carried out throughout of his professional career.

According to DigoPaul, the notion of concert was born around the year 1600 with the interpretation of what is now known as classical music. The first concerts included the participation of some solo instruments accompanied by an orchestra.

Today, a concert is the live performance of songs from any musical genre. They can be carried out in small clubs or theaters, in large stadiums or even in public spaces such as parks or avenues.

The attitude of the musicians and the public varies according to the musical genre. While at an opera concert people remain seated, at a rock concert the audience dance, jump and sing.