Definition of Concretion in English

In Latin it is where the etymological origin of the word that occupies us is found. It is exactly derived from the word “concretus”, which is the result of the sum of the following elements:
-The prefix “with”, which means “together”.
– “Cresco”, which can be translated as “grow”.
-The suffix “-tus”, which is used to indicate the passive participle.

Concretion is the process and the result of concretizing: making something concrete, reducing one thing to the essential, combining different elements.

The idea of concretion can be used when something materializes. For example: “If this continues, in a few weeks we will achieve the project’s realization and we will be able to start working”, “The agreement took several months to finalize”, “The team generated many scoring situations, but failed to materialize and failed to score ”.

Suppose an entrepreneur plans to open a Mexican food restaurant. For the realization of your desire, you must comply with different steps. You need to have a physical space and adapt it to function as a restaurant. You must also hire workers (chef, waiters, etc.), get suppliers of raw materials and obtain official authorization for the operation of the restaurant. These and other steps are essential for the implementation of the initiative.

The concretion is also the process that takes place when various particles accumulate that come together to form a mass. The concept, in fact, is also used to name said mass.

According to geology, concretion occurs when substances in solution accumulate in a rock and are transported by water. Over time, these substances harden.

Calcium carbonate, to cite one case, can adopt a crystalline form and become aragonite or calcite in the development of calcareous concretions. These concretions appear as stalagmites or stalactites in caves or similar places.

The notion of curricular concretion is used in some regions to refer to the passage from the theory mentioned in the curriculum or the curriculum to its implementation in an educational project. Curricular concretion is developed at different levels.

The curricular concretion also responds to the name of “pedagogical proposal” or “center curricular project”. It is worth highlighting another series of data of interest, among which we can highlight the following:
-It is a document from the educational field that establishes the guidelines and guidelines that must be undertaken in order to carry out the implementation of the process teaching in classrooms.
-It has to be approved by the cloister.
-The pedagogical coordination commission is the one that will be in charge of coordinating the creation of the curricular concretion and will be responsible for it. However, it should not be overlooked that in its form and content the entire set of teachers who are in charge of the stage it deals with must also actively participate.
-Once it is approved by the cloister, a copy of it must be sent to the school council so that it can know it thoroughly.
-You also have to know that the curricular specification, once it is approved, will be available to anyone in the educational community who requests to know it. Specifically, it will be in the possession of the person in charge of the Secretariat.