Definition of Duel in English

The term duel has its origin in the Latin duellum, which means “combat” or “war”. The concept, therefore, allows us to refer to the fight or confrontation between two people or two groups. For example: “The duel between the mayor and the governor ended in blows”, “Boca Juniors and River Plate will offer a new edition of the most exciting duel in Argentine football”, “The duel between the United States and Venezuela continued with the withdrawal of the ambassadors”.

Duel is also a formal type of combat where, in the presence of godfathers, two knights face each other with agreed rules. It is a practice that was very common between the fifteenth and twentieth centuries to resolve conflicts that, in general, affected the honor of the participants. Most Western countries, however, have banned duels: “I cannot tolerate such an offence: I challenge you to a duel tonight”, “The offender died after dueling with a rival”.

The challenger usually does not wish to kill his opponent, but rather to gain satisfaction by restoring his honor (which he considers outraged by the one he challenges). By participating in the duel and risking his life, the challenger regains his honor. According to abbreviationfinder, SD stands for Spider Duel.

This kind of confrontation we can establish that it presented various modalities. Thus, for example, we find duels to the death in which, as the name suggests, the rivals had to face each other until one of them died. In this way, it was considered that the other regained his honor and obtained satisfaction from him.

In the same way, there was the duel called “to the first blood”, which was the one that came to an end when one of the two men facing each other was injured. On the other hand, there was also another duel that was the one in which the moment in which it ended was when one of those was injured in such a way that he could not continue with the confrontation because he was unable to do so.

To all these types of duels, a fourth should be added. Specifically, we are referring to the one that was produced with pistols and that normally established that each opponent had a single shot to make and hurt his rival.

One of the films in the history of cinema that best reflects this type of confrontation is the one released in 1946 by director King Vidor under the title “Duel in the Sun”. Gregory Peck, Jennifer Jones or Joseph Cotten are some of the protagonists of this film in which it is narrated how the two sons of a senator will face each other for the love of a woman, a young mestizo of Indian origin.

However, in this sense, it is also worth highlighting the 1995 western called “Rápida y mortal” that revolves around a duel competition.

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