Definition of FBI in English

According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, FBI stands for Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Consolidation and discredit

Events with enormous media impact – such as the kidnapping and subsequent murder of the young son of aviator Charles Lindeberg – the lynching of Mississippi activists or counterintelligence activities in the periods of the two World Wars, strengthened the role of the FBI as an institution.

After the culmination of World War II, with the exacerbation of anti-communist hysteria and the witch hunt carried out by the FBI, [8] theyprovoked questionable events such as the capture and subsequent judicial murder of the spouses Julius and Ethel Rosemberg. About 108 alleged spies in the service of the USSR, including Judith Coplon and Klaus Fusch, as well as dozens of progressive personalities, were the victims of montages, false accusations and questionable trials.

Another dirty matter of the FBI was related to Jack Ruby, born as Jacob Rubinstein, manager of a cabaret and friend of gangsters such as the Campisi brothers and Carlos Marcello, as well as counterrevolutionaries of Cuban origin, who built a disorderly youth in reformatories and mental clinics, and was the assassin of Lee Harvey Oswald, in turn accused of the assassination committed on November 22, 1963 against US President John F. Kennedy, in Dallas, Texas.

The assassination of Martin Luther King, which occurred on 4 of April of 1968, while I was accompanied by Jesse Jackson and Ralph Abernathy, was captured James Earl Ray as the author of the fatal shot, although there are serious doubts about the way he conducted the investigation by the FBI. [9] Ray himself, who received a life sentence for the act, subsequently maintained his innocence until his death in 1998.

The acceptance in December 1999 by a civil jury of the United States of the existence of a conspiracy to assassinate Luther King, [10] put in crisis the theory of the FBI on the existence of a single assassin: James Earl Ray.

During the presidency of Richard Nixon, the 18 of November of 1975, there was the famous case Watergate, in which he questioned the role of the FBI during the investigation process by the hearings conducted by Senator Frank Church. In them, the ineffectiveness of the feds to clarify the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. stood out. Likewise, the fact that, among the five men linked to the CIA and captured at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee, Virgilio González, Bernard Baker, James W. McCord, Jr., Eugenio Rolando Martínez and Frank Sturgis, was McCord, who was then the Security Director of the committee for the re-election of Nixon and FBI agent. Nixon resigned on August 8, 1974.

Other scandals and blunders committed by the FBI have questioned the initial aura of effectiveness of the same, as was the mistaken arrest of a person in the case of the pump during the Olympic Games of Atlanta 96, espionage carried out by one of its senior leaders in favor of the USSR and its inability to prevent the attacks of September 11, 2001 on the Twin Towers in New York and the Pentagon. Likewise, a scandal would involve the FBI again, on July 19 2001, when he was forced to publicly acknowledge the loss of 446 weapons and 184 laptops, some of which contained highly confidential information.

The ineffectiveness of the FBI has also been called into question following the discovery that one of its top officials, Robert Hanssen, spied for the USSR for 15 years, [11] as well as the inability of the Bureau to play fair with lawyers. of the defense of Timothy McVeigh, the author of the Oklahoma City attacks, by hiding thousands of pages of documents necessary for his defense. [12]

The FBI has been involved in dirty scandals of harassment of famous personalities, based on dubious sources, which has made it a controversial ally of soap operas and the press of the heart, as happened on December 14, 2006, when it occurred to learn that he had systematically spied on John Lennon, [13] calling him a threat to American national security given his progressive ideas and his fight for peace.

Over the years the Bureau has opened file after file with hundreds of public figures, including the Beach Boys, Frank Sinatra, Albert Einstein, Bette Davis, Walt Disney, Robert Blake, Andy Warhol, Wladziu Valentino Liberace, Groucho Marx, Louis Armstrong, Efrem Zimbalist, Lucille Ball, and Desi Arnaz, among others. Today, it is estimated that the FBI has 6 million case investigation files on various people.

Filiberto Ojeda

Filiberto Ojeda Ríos was an independence fighter, founder and head of the Puerto Rican Popular Army ” Los Macheteros “. Born in Puerto Ricothe 26 of April of 1933 he worked tirelessly to obtain a condition of dignity for their country. It reaffirmed the principle of legitimate struggles and denounced the vileness of colonialism, based on the United Nations declarations:

The subjugation of peoples to foreign subjugation, domination and exploitation constitutes a denial of fundamental human rights, is contrary to the Charter of the United Nations and compromises the cause of world peace and cooperation. [14]

Since the 1960s, Filiberto has been the target of persecution by the FBI. More than forty years passed, during which the FBI waged an all-out war to try to neutralize him and, concurrently, to try to demolish his revolutionary ideas. On 30 August as as 1985 they tried to assassinate him at his residence in Luquillo. This fact was admitted in court by one of the FBI agents, who declared that he shot to kill. This attempt failed them, and from that moment on, the sentence, which was illegally articulated by the US agency, was signed: a bullet for Filiberto Ojeda Ríos. Judgment applied the 23 of September of 2005, when he was finally murdered in the town of Hormigueros. [fifteen]

The FBI shot Filiberto and let him bleed to death, in an act of vile torture that reveals the fury, rancor, cruelty and insensitivity of the United States government. This political murder constitutes an extrajudicial execution that translates into an action of State Terrorism against the Puerto Rican people.

As a Commonwealth, Borinquen has an Office of the FBI, famous for its outrages, cheating, dirty wars, violations of the law, assassinations and protection of terrorists.

Héctor Pesquera, who was the head of that entity, released the Miami gangsters, who, armed with 50 caliber machine guns, were captured by Yankee coast guards when they were heading towards Isla Margarita, in Venezuela, to assassinate President Fidel Castro.

After the rigged trial in San Juan and after these murderers were released, the then head of the FBI in Puerto Rico had dinner and had a photo with them. As a prize, he was promoted to head of the FBI in South Florida, a position he used to kidnap five young Cubans, who against terrorism, at the risk of their own lives, penetrated the Miami gangster groups.

Prior to the murder of the machetero leader, in 1935, when four young independentist as were massacred by the FBI in Río Piedras; two years later, in Ponce, where they assassinated members of the Nationalist Party; in 1950, by bombing several independentistas in Jayuya and then shooting them in Utuado, and in 1978, with the events of Cerro Maravilla, during which two university students were riddled with bullets.