Definition of Fee in English

Quota, from the Latin quota, is a fixed and proportional part of something. The concept is usually used to name the amount of money that is paid on a regular basis to a club, association, etc. For example: “I still haven’t paid this month’s fee”, “To join you must pay a monthly fee of 25 pesos”, “The collector has just arrived, please look for the money I have saved in the drawer for the fee”, “Members with the up-to-date fee can use the party room. ”

In addition to all of the above, we have to establish what fee is also the monthly or annual amount that is paid in certain clubs or in neighborhood communities in order to enjoy all the necessary services.

Thus, for example, gyms usually have fees that their users must pay once a month in order to be able to use the facilities of the place as well as access the sports sessions or the use of the machines they have chosen.

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In the case of neighborhood communities, these economic amounts must be paid by all the owners of the flats, since thanks to what is collected, a cleaning service for the common areas is achieved, the hiring of companies to carry out the repair of certain damages, water supply or heating…

These neighborhood fees are one of the main problems that usually arise in these buildings and that is that there are many tenants who decide not to pay them, although they do benefit from the services offered. In this case they become delinquent, who can be brought by the rest of the owners, even before the courts so that they pay everything they owe.

Installment purchases are those in which the price of the product or service is paid in different stages (that is, installments). If a person buys a television for 1,200 pesos and decides to pay it in twelve installments, he must pay 100 pesos per installment, which means that he will finish paying for it only in twelve months.

It is common for purchases in installments to carry interest or some type of surcharge. Returning to the previous example, if the 1,200-peso television is paid in twelve installments but with 10% interest on the total price, the buyer will have to pay 110 pesos per installment. Therefore, the television will end up costing you 1,320 pesos.

Within the realm of the media, there is what is known as audience share. It refers to the percentage of followers that a specific program has had at a certain time with respect to the rest of the competitors.

All this without forgetting that there is also what is called a quota soldier, which is one that will only be a very specific part of the army because they have paid an amount that exempts them from being longer.

Market share, on the other hand, is the percentage that a company commands of the total available market. In a market of 1,000 clients, the company with a 35% share has a portfolio of 350 clients. Market share, however, can be calculated from total sales or another concept.