Definition of Hipster in English

Hipster is an urban culture or tribe that is characterized by adopting a lifestyle with tastes and interests associated with the vintage, the alternative and the independent.

The hipsters are against social conventions and reject the values of commercial culture predominant (the mainstream ), in favor of popular local cultures. In this sense, they have a varied sensitivity, inclined to alternative lifestyles, ranging from preferring organic food to drinking craft beers.

They dress in an extravagant way, with an unusual look and a very ironic interpretation of fashion. They combine used clothing in many layers but with a modern and vintage style. They have rescued some old accessories, such as brimmed hats, wayfarer- style sunglasses , skinny pants and patterned patterned or patterned patterns.

They are people under 30 years old, usually middle and upper middle class, who live in the big cities of the world. Some see them as very authentic people, for others, they are nasty and ridiculous people, with bad looks, and creator of disastrous combinations.

Hipster is an English word whose use dates back to 1940, when it was used as an equivalent of the term hepcat , a style or fashion associated with the field of jazz. For its adaptation to the Spanish language, it is advisable to write it in rounds and with tilde in the i: hipster

Characteristics of hipsters

For the hipsters love:

  • Listen to jazz and indie music, musicians like Tom Waits, Bob Dylan or Devendra Banhart, and alternative rock bands;
  • Watch classic movies and independent films;
  • Go to fairs for used clothing and second-hand objects;
  • Visit art galleries and museums;
  • Have the latest technological developments;
  • Use social networks to communicate, post photos, share music, videos, etc;
  • Wear glasses with large frames made of plastic;
  • Fight for the environment.

As for fashion, hipsters men often wear skinny pants and women hipsters leggins or “mesh.”

The great paradox of hipster culture is that, by popularizing its own tendency, which consists in a constant rejection of dominant fashions and a search for alternative life patterns, it has become, in itself, everything that it rejects, it is Say, a non- hipster movement .

Meaning of the hipster triangle

The triangle is the symbol that is most associated with hipster culture . As such, it is a basic geometric form with multiple meanings of mystical transcendence. Mainly, it represents the number three, the number of the divinity, of the Holy Trinity. Likewise, the trinity is related to the levels of connection of being with heaven and earth. The most used type of triangle is the equilateral, that is, the one with its three equal sides, as this symbolizes harmony, divinity and proportion.