Definition of Hobby in English

The word hobby indicates the taste or inclination that an individual has towards an activity or object in itself and without any interest other than to generate pleasure and satisfaction.

The word hobby comes from the Latin affectĭoaffectiōnis. Among the synonyms that can be used to replace this word are affinity, taste, commitment, hard work, hobby, hobby, tendency, affection, inclination, among others.

Those people who have a hobby are often referred to as hobbyists. For example, there are people who are fond of certain activities such as painting, photography, cinema, the collection of articles or sports, without this having a direct relationship with their professions or obligations.

Many of these hobbies involve carrying out various activities, regardless of the level of skill you have. In these cases, what matters is the taste with which something that is passionate and liked is done, nor is it sought to generate an economic income, nor is it professional.

Likewise, a person can show a fondness for certain activities or practices such as reading, singing, dancing, gardening, among others. Doing something with hobby indicates that it is done hard, showing great will and commitment. For example, “This editor is working with such hobby that it gives pleasure.”

As a hobby is also called the group of people who are partisans or adept at certain sports shows or practices, as well as their exponents, that is, actors, actresses, musicians, athletes, among others.

In sports events it is very common to meet fans. For example: “Among the most prominent hobbies in Mexico are those of the Tigers, Monterrey and Pumas.”

In this sense, the hobby is also often referred to as bloated or fanatical. However, a fan is a type of fan who struggles for his cause with greater intensity and passion.

A hobby is something that is practiced or followed regularly for pleasure, for inclination of mood and leisure, in this sense, it can be related to a hobby.