Definition of Holistic in English

Holistic is an adjective that indicates that something is relative or belongs to holism. It is formed from the Greek term ὅλος (hello, which in Spanish means ‘total ‘, ‘ everything’, ‘integer’ ).

Holism is a concept created in 1926 by Jan Christiaan Smuts that he described as “the tendency of nature to use a creative evolution to form a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.”

In general terms, holistic indicates that a system and its properties are analyzed as a whole, in a global and integrated way, since from this point of view its operation can only be understood in this way and not only as the simple sum of its parts

Holistic is usually applied to terms such as approach, thought, paradigm, approach, concept or program to mean that a comprehensive and complete vision is used in the analysis of a reality.

The holistic term appears in various disciplines such as philosophy, biology, psychology or education. Some words and terms that are sometimes used with a similar meaning can be ‘systemic’, ‘global’ and ‘together’.

Holistic medicine

It is considered that holistic medicine is an alternative therapy applied to medicine. It is based on the conception of the human being as a whole and not just the sum of its parts.

In this sense, holistic medicine indicates that for a correct therapeutic treatment the environment and the different aspects that make up the person must be taken into account. It includes concepts such as ‘vital energy’ and ‘balance’.

It is used in the treatment of problems of a physical nature (for example, muscle aches) and also psychological (anguish and depression, among others). It uses traditional and natural methods but also modern. Homeopathy, yoga, phytotherapy and acupuncture are usually included in holistic medicine.

Holistic view

The holistic vision , in the business field, is a global vision, of all the components, strategies and activities of a company as representatives of it.

Holistic marketing

The holistic marketing created by Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller, consists of the integration of 4 components: relational marketing, integrated marketing, internal marketing and socially responsible marketing, recognizing that everything matters in marketing and the need to adopt a broad and integrated vision.

Holistic thinking

Holistic thinking is a form of perception and analysis of reality in a global or integral way. Sometimes related terms such as systemic thinking or complex thinking are used. From some theoretical conceptions, it is opposed to a type of analytical thinking in which a system is analyzed through its parts and its operation.

Holistic thinking is a natural and natural way of thinking of the human being, capable of abstracting ideas, making connections and obtaining an overview of a complex system.

Holistic massage

Holistic massage is a form of physical and mental treatment based on an integral conception of the person. This type of massage seeks to maintain or recover physical and mental health, harmony and natural balance.

Holistic massage comes from traditional practices, especially from the East. Different techniques such as digitotherapy, chirotherapy and crystal therapy are included. In a generic way, the holistic massage seeks the energy that is accumulated and blocked to release it through physical stimuli and its connection with mental aspects.