Definition of Hypocrite in English

Hypocrite is the adjective given to those who act with hypocrisy, either because they pretend or appear what they do not feel, or because they pretend to be what they are not.

The word hypocrite comes from the Latin hypocrĭta, which is derived from the Greek ὑποκριτής (hypocrites), which means ‘actor or actress’. This, in turn, follows from the verb ὑποκρίσιν (hypocrisin), which translates ‘act, pretend’. Originally, the term hypocrite had no negative connotations, as it referred to the function of playing a role, of acting . Subsequently, in this same culture, the term was used to refer to those who “acted” in everyday life, that is, who pretended to be people they were not.

hypocrite can be a person who has hypocritical feelings or attitudes, or is a false person, who pretends, who does things that he would not really do in another situation. It is a person who acts like another, who uses hypocrisy, which is not fair, and above all is someone who is not trusted. Hypocrite is who pretends to be what is not, whether through religion, virtues, characteristics, ideas, feelings, etc.

In fact, already in the BibleJesus warned against hypocrites: “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy. Because nothing is hidden, that is not to be discovered; nor hidden, that is not to be known ( Luke , XII: 1-2).

The hypocritical person pretends to have something he does not have , either to please others, or to approach a particular group, or even for his own self-esteem.

A hypocritical act is when someone criticizes someone’s attitude, but does exactly the same, or even worse. The hypocrite does not even think about this fact, all he wants is to be in advantage over others. Another example of a hypocrite is someone who wants to do something, and criticizes those who do it just to devalue others.

hypocrite is also a disguised, disguised person, a demagogue, who pretends to be something he is not.

The hypocrite shows what he wants to be seen, and at the same time he hides what he does not want to be known by the environment.

There are those who argue that hypocrisy is necessary for the normal functioning of society. In this way, individuals should pretend feelings contrary to what they really experience to avoid conflict. It is believed that if the subjects would tell the truth without any blinding, they could cause uncomfortable or unwanted situations.

Finally, h ipócrita can also designate, according to Entomology, a species of butterfly common in Spain, called Hippocrita jacobaeae, of the genus of heteroptera lepidoptera of the family of the crtids and tribe of the nictemerinos.