Definition of Increase in English

The Latin word accrescens came to Castilian as to increase. This verb refers to increase, enlarge or develop something. For example: “For several decades, the government tried to increase the population by encouraging the arrival of immigrants”, “Increasing public spending is not a viable option at the moment”, “We cannot allow employers to continue trying to increase their profits at the cost of the exploitation of the workers ”.

The notion of increase can be used in multiple contexts according to Digopaul. Often times, the term refers to changes that can be quantified or expressed in numbers. Suppose a person manages to increase his income. The increase occurs when you go from receiving $ 1,000 to receiving $ 1,800 per month. This shows that he managed to increase his income by $ 800 a month.

In other cases, the idea of increasing refers to a symbolic progress or difficult to measure with precision, which implies an improvement of certain conditions. The government of a country can announce different measures and hold meetings with businessmen to increase confidence in the national economy. Although such confidence may be reflected in different indicators (such as the level of investment or the employment rate), it is impossible to accurately measure confidence and, therefore, to estimate how much it increases.

The popularity and legend of something or someone can also be increased when notoriety increases: “With two goals in the final, the Argentine striker managed to increase his legend”, “The album he released with songs by other artists contributed to increase the singer’s fame ”.

In many ways, the verb at hand is present in our lives. Thus, for example, we come across the fact that it is used within the realm of religion. And it is talking about how you can increase what is faith. In this case, it is established that to achieve this, measures must be taken such as daily hearing the word of God, trying to follow the guidelines established in the “Bible”…

On the other hand, it is also common to refer to what it would be like to increase capital in a company. In this case, measures could be taken such as allowing new partners to enter, diversifying the business, applying for a loan …

That without overlooking that, in the same way, we talk about what it is to increase self-esteem. This becomes very important so that many people leave the complexes aside, carry out the life they want to have, be brave, do not let themselves be “stepped on” by anyone… In this case, this can be achieved by carrying out actions
How are you: -Begin to always think positive.
-Don’t be so demanding of yourself.
-Have at all times a positive vision of what you have and what you are.
-Be aware of yourself and know what your strengths and weaknesses are.
-Do not compare yourself to anyone.
-Be aware of everything that has been achieved in life on its own merits.
-Treat yourself and others with the utmost respect.