Definition of Man in English

Man is a word that can refer, in a general way, to the rational animated being, whether male or female, that is part of the human species. In this sense, the word is usually used as a synonym for human being, human species or Homo sapiens. As such, the word comes from the Latin homohomĭnis .

However, in everyday speech, when you say “man” you refer to the specimen of the male human species, also called male or, from a biological point of view, male.

The word man, on the other hand, is also used to differentiate the male who has reached adulthood from the youngest specimens.

The concept of man has also been attributed, throughout history, a series of qualities that, supposedly, differentiate it from women, such as courage, firmness, courage or courage, considered all manly virtues: “ Your boy already speaks like a man.”

The term man is also usually used generically to differentiate a particular group from the human species: the man from the American, the primitive man, the modern man.

The word man is also used to refer specifically to a husband, to a husband.

Man in Biology

According to Biologyman is part of the Animalia kingdom, it is a bipedal mammal of the order of primates and the family of hominids, whose species is called Homo sapiens, which in Latin translates ‘wise man’, which indicates one of the characteristics on which his distinction from the other hominids is based: he is a rational being, who has the capacity to think and reflect, who possesses a series of mental capacities that allow him to invent, create, learn, teach; use complex sign systems such as language and mathematics, as well as conceive, transmit and learn abstract ideas.

Primitive man

As a primitive man, he who inhabited the Earth in the earliest stages of humanity, in the prehistoric era, is called, and appeared approximately two million years ago. As such, primitive man was part of the group of hominids, and for a considerable period of time the planet cohabited several species of hominids, such as Homo neanderthalensisHomo floriensis or Homo rhodesiensis, before becoming extinct in favor of Homo sapiens, whose origin continues pointing, according to the most accepted theory, to Africa.

Man in Philosophy

According to the Philosophy, the human being, considered as an individual, is an indivisible unit, endowed with soul and spirit, whose mind works in a rational way: it has self-awareness, ability to reflect on its own existence, on its past, its present , and on what he projects in his future, as well as to discern between what on a scale of values ​​is presented as good and bad, right and wrong, or just and unfair.