Definition of Marriage Certificate in English

A certificate is an official document that allows certifying a certain event. Marriage, on the other hand, is the bond that two people establish through a process of legal validity and / or a ritual.

The marriage certificate is a certificate that certifies that two individuals have established a marital relationship between them. This document is issued by the State through a civil registry and with the performance of a judge. With marriage, each of the parties adheres to a contract that imposes obligations and gives them rights.

For the fulfillment of these obligations and the exercise of rights, the marriage certificate is very important, since it supposes an accreditation of the legal bond that arises from the marriage contract. In the event of breach of obligations, the marriage certificate is testimony to the relationship established and the existing agreement on respect for the aforementioned contract.

For the preparation of the marriage certificate, which can also be used to carry out various procedures, the parties must present their birth certificates and documents, carry out a medical check-up and go to the civil registry with witnesses. In this way, the marriage ceremony (which includes the judge’s question to the spouses about whether they want to marry) can be developed and the corresponding act can be completed.

The information that appears in the marriage certificate includes the names of the couple, of the witnesses and of the intervening judge, as well as the date and place of the marriage.

On the other hand, there is the marriage certificate, which should not be confused with the certificate. In some countries it is also known as the family act, and it is received by newly-married couples after the celebration of the marriage, but it has no legal validity, but rather serves as a personal record to record the union, as well as of the subsequent births or, even, of the deaths of one of the parties or of the children.

The benefits of the marriage certificate are diverse, since they depend on the activities carried out by the couple from a legal point of view. One of the most common examples in which this document needs to be presented is a trip abroad, especially when only one of the two parties has the citizenship necessary to obtain residence in the new country.

In a case like this, it will be thanks to the person who has the citizenship of the foreign country that your partner will be able to carry out the necessary procedures to grant you residence for a limited time. The difficulty and the conditions of this procedure vary according to the territory, but it is not usually easy or pleasant, especially in countries where there is a high percentage of immigration, since they usually impose many difficulties for people to give up and return to their place of origin.

To apply for a residence in a foreign country, for example, the marriage certificate has no validity; in fact, its usefulness does not lie in carrying out legal procedures.

Apart from the differences at the legal level, the marriage certificate usually consists of one or two sheets, with a printed part (with all the terms and phrases that must string together the information in a coherent and orderly manner, as a form, such as as used for certain commercial contracts) and another, written by hand (with all the aforementioned data and more), while the notebook has hard covers and several pages adequately prepared to record the wedding, births and deaths.

Marriage Certificate