Definition of Photo Clock in English

Time is ticking, passing, racing – everyone becomes aware of this by looking at the clock. Looking after the time is part of life, planning and organizing. Sometimes, however, this view also brings you into a time constraint or a stressful situation. Watch manufacturers, designers and online shops have created the ultimate solution for the whole thing – the photo clock. Find a nice photo of your last vacation, your family or a special situation, decorate your clock with it and give your own four walls a special personal touch and thus make it easier to look at the clock. Or give away a photo wall clock as a special present to your loved ones. In the following, you will be shown the versatility of being able to design a photo clock.

What is a photo clock made of?

The exact materials a photo clock is made of differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. Of course, features and various subtypes also play a role, so a different material is usually used for children’s clocks than for a stylish wall clock.

The inner workings usually consist of a quartz clockwork. Due to the nature of the material, loud background noises, such as the constant ticking of the clock, are mitigated or even avoided entirely.

In order to ensure a very good picture quality, the dial of the clock is often made of a coated MDF board, but it can also consist of high-quality plastic or even slate. Features such as white or black metal hands ensure that the visual is not too distracted from the picture and that time is of secondary importance.

The incredible variety of photo clocks

There are no limits to the creativity for this product. The customer can indulge himself in all possible combinations and model types when designing his photo wall clock. Whether square, rectangular, in heart shape, round, large or small – the selection of picture frames are all here.

Depending on how you design your photo clock, the object can be used in several areas. Whether as a beautiful, unusual design as a wall clock, as an eye-catcher on the living room, office or bedside table, as a photo alarm clock that sweetens your waking up every morning with a view of the beautiful photo or as an original gift for a special occasion, such as a party or Wedding anniversaries – nobody can go wrong with a clock with their own photos.

Different subtypes as a creative idea at a glance

  • Photo desk clock
  • Photo wall clock
  • Photo alarm clock
  • Canned photo clocks
  • Photo wrist watch

The last two bullet points describe particularly unusual ideas. The can clocks are particularly ingenious. From the outside, they look like a conventional can from the supermarket. As soon as you open it, however, a high-quality clock with your own photos appears. It can decorate your room as a photo wall clock or function as an original table clock by opening a support attached to the clock.

The photo wristwatch is also a particularly nice idea. A modern, simple photo of your choice can make your clock look even more elegant and unusual. A look at the time is always fun and puts a smile on your face. Photo wall clocks are also available in a number of combinations. Either only one picture can serve as a complete clock face or you can choose a model in which several photos can serve as picture frames. You can decorate every single picture frame provided for this with one of your photos. Design your own photo clock – take the test, use popular materials and colors and let time become meaningful.

Design your own photo clock – a gift idea for every occasion

Surprise your counterpart with an enchanting, individually tailored clock. A photo wall clock is suitable for the following areas of application:

  • Birth gift
  • Baptism gift
  • Kindergarten farewell
  • Wedding present
  • Wedding anniversary and anniversary gift
  • Holiday gift
  • and for much more

Tip! These gifts can be made especially personal by adding a name, date or congratulations.

Comparative under the photo clocks – winner test report summaries and experiences

Photo clocks are an original gift and decoration idea that is growing in popularity. When looking for unusual ideas and clock models, pay attention to the experiences made with the product or to leading brands. Most of them are more than enthusiastic about the quality and the choice of designs. Comparison winner are everyone who is satisfied with the product.

Shops are always available for original photo gift ideas, such as:

  • dm
  • Müller

Leading brands such as Bellezza represent the best photo clocks. Which clock turns out to be the best for you, however, is up to your own creative hands.

Buy photo clocks

Some clock shop, such as paulwallclocks, offers you the ultimate price comparison of the individual wall clocks, brands and manufacturing costs. The prices differ in terms of size and the material used. Do you still need suggestions as to what your clock should look like? Then click through the shop and find a suitable offer.

You can choose from popular materials and colors :

Picture Frame Material options of the dial Colors of the clocks and frames
· wood· stainless steel

· aluminum

· acrylic· Glass

· slate

· MDF panels

· high-quality plastic

· White· black

· aluminum

· stainless steel

· Colorful

You can also look at a selection of different shapes. Rectangular, round, circular, heart-shaped or rectangular with a rounded side – there is something for every taste. Find your photo clock with a suitable comparison and have it conveniently sent to your home using the shipping system integrated in the shop.

Advantages and disadvantages of a photo clock

  • individually designed
  • often equipped with large dials
  • also available as a wristwatch
  • The time can be difficult to read due to images that are too prominent

What should you look out for when buying?

If you decide on a photo clock, you need a photo that shines perfectly and brilliantly on the clock in the room. The following applies: the higher the resolution of such a photo, the better. Good print results can be achieved with a resolution of 2 megapixels and a print format of 60 x 40 cm. From 3 megapixels and a format of 80 x 60 cm one speaks of a high-quality print.

Submit your images in the following file formats:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • BMP
  • GIF
  • TIF

Tip! Photo clocks are definitely something very special and deserve a special place and occasion to come into their own. Let your creativity flow and surprise your loved ones. A photo clock is definitely something new as a gift idea than a simple canvas print.

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