Definition of Physical Activity in English

Activity is a concept with various uses. In its broadest sense, an activity is an action carried out by a person or a company. Physical, meanwhile, are notions that also has different meanings: this time we are interested in its meaning as it related to body or to the body.

Physical activity is called as the movement that an individual develops, promoting energy consumption. For any human being, therefore, frequent physical activity is essential for the maintenance of health.

Any movement of the body can be considered as a physical activity. In any case, the concept usually refers to intense activity, which requires effort from the subject and involves a fairly high energy consumption. This type of physical activity consumes a lot of calories and helps the person not be overweight.

In addition to the calorie consumption that contributes to the individual not gaining excess weight, physical activity also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, improves the elasticity of muscles and joints, increases lung capacity and regulates intestinal function. Physical activity even brings benefits to the psychological plane, since those who do physical activity frequently tend to lower their stress level and improve their self-esteem.

Among the set of advantages that brings with it that any person carry out any type of physical activity are the following:
-It allows to have blood pressure and cholesterol under control.
-It is a great way to prevent diabetes and even colon cancer.
-Improves mood.
-It is a great “tool” to avoid anxiety and even depression pictures.

The type of physical activity to be carried out must be adapted to the health condition and age of each person. A 25- year-old man who does not suffer from organic disorders can carry out much more intense physical activities than a 75- year- old man with osteoarthritis.

In the case of children and adolescents, it is especially important that they carry out physical activities for the benefits that they will bring. Specifically, these are the most significant:
-They help them improve their ability to socialize.
-They contribute to achieving a significant improvement in their school performance.
-They become a great measure in favor of integral development as people.
-They allow you to keep under control both obesity and being overweight.
-They also help to reduce considerably what is the risk that they will suffer osteoporosis when they are older.
-It is considered that they serve to increase what motor skills are.
-Physical activity in children and young people also establishes that it is essential when it comes to making the motor nervous system mature and that the bones are much stronger.
-They are also a great tool so that they can release the stress that they may have and so that they can even “discharge” the excess energy that they may possess.

Physical Activity