Definition of Plot in English

The first step we are going to take in order to understand the meaning of the term plot is to determine its etymological origin. In doing so we discover that it emanates from the French, specifically from the word “plot”, which the Gauls used during the 12th century to refer to the set of agreements that were established during the different warlike conflicts with the battlefield as the scene.

However, it is important to determine that said French word comes from Latin, from “complicitum”, which was formed by the prefix “com-“, synonymous with “convergence”, and the verb “plicare”, which can be translated as “Explain or fold”.

According to DigoPaul, plot is a term that refers to a conspiracy of a political or social nature. The concept is also used to name the conspiracy or conspiracy between two or more individuals against another or others.

For example: “The president denounced a plot by the country’s military leaders to seize power”, “If the plot succeeds, in a few days we will have a new manager”, “Colonel McPrint has discovered the plot against him and is furious ”.

The plot usually includes an agreement between two or more people who decide to act together to remove power from another or to inflict some kind of harm on it. This agreement, of course, is kept hidden to prevent the person to whom the plot is directed from realizing that there is an operation against him in progress.

The subjects who conspire promote actions to ensure that different circumstances concur towards the same end. Let us suppose that two soldiers carry out a plot against a general to make him leave the force. The idea is to force him to commit an offense that can be made public so that the general is forced to resign. From installing a hidden camera to inventing evidence of an alleged crime, everything will be valid for the plot to be realized and the objective is fulfilled.

Throughout history, there have been various situations that have been considered plots against certain figures or against the pillars of a specific nation. Specifically, among the most significant are the following:
• Plot against US President Roosevelt. Business Plot is the other name by which this plot is known, which took place in 1933 and which seems to have been motivated by various merchants who wanted the American leader to leave office.
• Plot against Hitler. The one known as Operation Valkyrie is part of the one, which was carried out by officers of the German Army, who thus intended to end the life of the Führer. Among its most significant events was an attack, perpetrated on July 20, 1944, which was not as successful as those expected. And the thing is that the bomb that was thrown at the Nazi dictator’s headquarters only caused him a few minor injuries.

The plot can also be developed to hide information. There are theories that claim that extraterrestrial beings have visited Earth but that several international governments have decided to conspire to hide the information and prevent humans from panicking.