Definition of Poster in English

The poster is a large sheet that works as a support for transmitting information about an event, product or service.

The word derives from the French poster affiche, which in turn derives from the Latin affictum and means “stuck”.

The poster is a printed sheet, either on paper or other material, in which brief information is offered. Its purpose is to persuade the reader to attend an event or acquire a product or service, so it is usually used in the area of ​​advertising.

The content of the posters is usually informative and propaganda, so it must be attractive and original to get the attention of the public and read it, especially because it is customary to place on public roads where they can lose sight of others posters or advertisements.

For example, “They placed a poster at the entrance of the urbanization with the calendar of activities next week”; “Yesterday I saw the poster announcing the concert of my favorite band in October.”

The posters can cover various types of information of public interest, so they are widely used for advertising, business, political, contests, cultural events, concerts, exhibitions and fairs.

Poster Features

The poster is a communication tool that differs from other channels or news media because of its characteristics:

  • The posters have a design that captures the attention of the public and orients a quick reading.
  • They are composed of a simple, short and direct language.
  • Its content is structured in such a way that the main idea stands out easily.
  • It offers the main data of the product, service or event.
  • The slogan is used.
  • They offer product, service or event data.
  • Use attractive and easy-to-remember images that can be, for example, illustrations or photographs.
  • Its design must be attractive, so you can use various graphic shapes and make use of different colors.
  • They are placed in strategic places of great visibility and transit of people.