Definition of Purchase in English

In order to establish the meaning of the term purchase, the first thing we have to do is proceed to determine its etymological origin. In this sense, we find the fact that it emanates from Latin, and more exactly from the verb “comparare”, which can be translated as “compare”.

Buy is the action and effect of buying. This verb refers to obtaining something in exchange for money. For example: “I will have to wait to finalize the purchase of the car since I still have not enough money”, “If I were rich, I would not hesitate to proceed to the purchase of a yacht to travel the world”, “With the purchase of a vacuum cleaner, we gave him two tickets to the theater ”.

The purchase necessarily implies another operation: the sale. These are opposite activities: whoever buys gives money to receive a good or service, while whoever sells gives the good or service in exchange for money. This means that the buyer gives money to the seller and the seller does the same with the product.

It could be said that the purchase is a barter in which money is the medium of exchange. The seller “exchanges” his products to the buyer for money. If a trouser has a price of 200 pesos, the buyer must deliver said sum to the seller to be able to take the product.

Currently, with the development and expansion of new technologies such as the Internet, there has been the birth of a new type of purchase. It is about the so-called online purchase. This is based on web pages where anyone can find the product they need. Thus, once you find it, what you will have to do is proceed to acquire it through a process in which you give full account of your credit card details.

This purchasing process is very simple, which culminates when the consumer receives the product they have purchased through the Internet at their home.

The ease of acquiring products as well as the convenience of doing it from home is what has led more and more people to decide to opt for online shopping, either to fill the refrigerator, to change clothes or to reserve tickets for any event of a cultural nature.

This whole situation has led to the fact that company websites not only offer this process of acquiring their items, but also that specialized online stores have arisen in it. Specifically, the network establishments through which you can obtain the clothing you want have increased considerably.

The purchase and sale occur in the area of the market, a social institution through which sellers (suppliers) and buyers (applicants) establish a business relationship to finalize the transaction.

The bidder participates in the market (either physical or virtual) by making its products available to potential buyers. The seller establishes a sale price that the buyer must pay for the transaction to take place. If the buyer wishes to purchase the product and agrees with the price, he will pay the seller and make the purchase.