Definition of Sports Activities in English

ActivÄ­tas is a Latin word that came to Spanish as an activity. The notion is often used with reference to the action or diligence carried out by an individual or an entity. Deportivo, on the other hand, is an adjective that alludes to what is related to sport (competition or the game subject to rules and that requires training to improve in its practice).

The sports activities are those involving the practice of these disciplines. As part of a sport, these activities must be framed in a certain regulation. The football, for example, requires players to not being able to touch the ball with his hands, except in special situations (like a throw, also known as lateral) or in the case of the goalkeeper (goalie or goalkeeper). Therefore, those who want to practice this sport activity must adapt to that and other rules.

It can be said that sports activities are physical activities: they always require some degree of effort to move the body and face the demands of the discipline. To practice tennis, a person must develop good muscles in his arms and hands to impact the ball, in addition to having resistance to run throughout the game.

Although it is often difficult to distinguish between sports activities and sport, one of the most characteristic features of the latter is that it involves the search for a result, the fight for victory in the context of a confrontation between two or more teams. In other words, athletes take on the challenge of competing with each other. On the other hand, the concept of sports activities is usually more related to meetings in which the main objective is to carry out physical exercise in a friendly way.

One of the areas in which sports activities tend to appear quite frequently is the educational center, be it primary or secondary school, and even the university. In these cases, it is common for celebrations to be organized at the end of the year, with the aim that parents and children get together and enjoy different sporting events, generally without pursuing any title.

As can be seen, when a college or university brings together students and their families to be part of this type of sports activities, physical exercise is the meeting point for all the guests, and not the focus of a confrontation over a drink..

Another objective that sometimes pursue sports activities is to enable students to exhibit everything they have learned during the cycle school, which is also very common in the field of teaching art in general (exhibitions of plastic or recitals arts music, for example, attended by the close friends of the students).

The concept of sports activities is very broad and does not have very clear limits: while an institution can use it as explained in the last two paragraphs, so that a large group of people get together in a venue and spend a few pleasant hours doing different sports Others may understand it as a really competitive event, in which there is a promise of a prize for the winners.

It is important to note that sports activities are very beneficial for our health, since they help us to make more natural use of our body, in that they teach us to know it in depth and take advantage of its different characteristics, something that is currently gives less and less spontaneously: using our legs to go from the kitchen to the car and then to the office is not exactly the objective that nature had in giving us these members.