Definition of Sports in English

In Latin is where we find the etymological origin of the word sport and specifically it is found in the verb deportare which can be translated as deport. Seeing it this way, it is difficult for us to understand what said verb and the concept that concerns us have in common, however, we have to say that evolution will be what determines the connection.

And it is that for the Romans that mentioned verbal form had two meanings, on the one hand that of transporting and on the other that which referred to triumphal-type celebrations (deportae lauream) in which the generals carried honors to Jupiter and carried a Laurel wreath.

Starting from all of this, the concept of deportation, which was also used as a synonym for taking something out, taking it far away,…was evolving like going out to the countryside, breathing fresh air and exercising. The latter expression is already perfectly suited to the meaning that we give today to the term sport.

The practice of a sport can be developed for health, leisure or professional reasons. A sport, after all, is some kind of physical exercise or game that, in its development, is competitive and demands respect for certain norms and rules.

For example: «Every Friday I play sports in the morning», «The pediatrician suggested that my son play sports to improve his physical condition», «Sport moves millions of dollars around the world».

The ability and physical response of the athlete are very important for the final result of the competition, although other factors are also vital, such as the equipment of the competitor or his intelligence. It should be noted that, beyond competition and the desire to win, sport provides entertainment to those who practice and watch it.

Although the concepts of sport and physical activity are sometimes confused, they are not synonymous. Physical activity is a simple practice, while sport implies a competition that always yields a result.

Thus, for example, among the most important sports or those with the greatest following around the world would be football, basketball, tennis, golf, athletics… We could even underline that in many places football is known as the King sport for being the one that manages to arouse more interest.

In this way, it is common that in many specialized publications it is said: Messi is one of the great myths of the beautiful game, football, because nobody like him has the scoring ability and the quality of destabilizing the defense of the rival team.

Various archaeological finds show that, in the year 4,000 BC, sports were already practiced in various regions of China. In Ancient Egypt, on the other hand, competitions in fishing, javelin throwing, swimming, and wrestling were held. Sports also existed in Ancient Persia, as is the case with certain martial arts.

With the increase in the popularity of sports and the number of fans who came to watch athletes practice sports, added to the rise of media such as television or radio and the greater time that people can dedicate to leisure compared to other times, sports became professionalized. In this way, athletes began to receive money for dedicating themselves to training and competing.

The popularity of sports varies by country. While in Latin America and Europe soccer arouses passion, in the United States they prefer baseball and American football.