Definition of Spreadsheet in English

The spreadsheet is an electronic tool used to organize and calculate numbers and formulas for use in the field of statistics, finance and mathematics.

The main features of a spreadsheet are:

  • It is organized in a simple grid composed of rows and columns of cells where numbers and / or formulas can be incorporated in an orderly manner.
  • It contains existing functions that allow simple incorporation of more complex relationships between the different cells.
  • It facilitates a visualization of the elements created and introduced.
  • Help in the creation of graphs or diagrams through the numbers or percentages inserted.

The advantages of using spreadsheets lies in an orderly display of the elements as well as providing an easy and intuitive way to create different formats with the data used.

The computerized spreadsheets were first implemented by Richard Mattessich in 1961 for accounting professionals.

The spreadsheet is translated into English as spreadsheet.

Types of spreadsheets

The types of spreadsheets that exist are divided into those of free license and those paid. The best known are, for example:

  • Google spreadsheet: free tool for those with a Google Docs account.
  • Calc: is a free license of
  • Microsoft Excel: license incorporated in the Microsoft Office package.
  • Gnumeric: incorporated in the Gnome Office package.