Definition of Unfair in English

The disloyal adjective is used to qualify someone who acts without loyalty: that is, without respecting criteria of honor, nobility and fidelity. The concept can also be applied to action that takes place in this way.

For example: “The defender hit the striker knowing that he could injure him: it was an unfair move”, “I don’t want to have unfair workers in my company”, “Not getting up to defend me in the middle of the argument was an unfair act that I will never forgive him for.” ”.

Unfair behavior can be found in different areas. Let us suppose that a soccer technical director begins to negotiate with the president of a club the possible incorporation of him to the institution when there is still another acting coach. Not only does the man not wait for the position to become open, but he finds out how much his colleague is making and offers to do the same job for 20% less pay. It can be said, therefore, that the DT in question behaves in an unfair manner. See Abbreviation Finder for acronyms related to Unfair.

One who tries to seduce a friend’s partner can also be defined as someone disloyal. The same can be said of the worker who betrays a colleague to look good with his boss. Of him.

The idea of ​​unfair competition, on the other hand, refers to the practices that are developed in a commercial or business environment and that are contrary to honesty. These are actions that a seller or a manufacturer develops to harm competitors and gain market share. Unfair competition can consist of deceiving consumers, offering a product at a price lower than its cost, or spreading false information about competitive offers, to name a few possibilities.

Before continuing with the definition of this term, we will momentarily delve into its antonym, loyal. Someone worthy of this adjective can also be described as noble, faithful, honest and unconditional, among other terms that speak of a person incapable of betraying the trust that others place in them. A good friend should always be loyal, protect his sentimental bond with all his might against any external attempts to damage the relationship.

On the contrary, a disloyal person does not respect the foundations of their relationships, regardless of whether they are friendships or work ties. Among the various synonyms of the word disloyal we find the following: unfaithful, traitor, ungrateful, felon, treacherous, perfidious, deserter, miserable and ungrateful. As can be seen at first glance, most of them are terms used in everyday speech, while the rest are reserved for the written language, both literary and legal.

Undoubtedly, a person who tries to conquer another’s partner, whether or not they are friends, commits a miserable act and promotes betrayal. Similarly, someone who rats on a co-worker with the intention of gaining sympathy from their employer, or who seeks the dismissal of a third party by offering their services for much less pay, are truly despicable beings, who seem to have no respect for the freedom of others.

The case of unfair competition is very common in the commercial field, and the lack of adequate sanctions is the reason that there are so many similar companies, products and services in each industry. Although there are mechanisms to protect intellectual property, that is, the creations of the mind, there are always ways to circumvent them in order to plagiarize the work of others with the aim of earning money with the least amount of effort possible. Currently, this way of working is more common than the correct one.