Definition of Unfolding in English

Unfolding is called the act and the result of unfolding. Unfold, meanwhile, is a word that has its etymological origin in Latin.

This verb, in turn, refers to dividing something creating several similar elements or extending what was folded.

For example: “The splitting of the highway will take place through the construction of a roundabout”, “The national government announced the splitting of the Ministry of Tourism into four secretariats”, “Although the possible splitting of the elections was analyzed, finally the Regional and national elections will take place simultaneously.

Split personality is a psychiatric disorder that involves the coexistence of several identities in the same individual. Although its diagnosis is often controversial, there are specialists who emphasize that some subjects have multiple personalities, which alternate in the control of behavior. The unfolding also includes an amnesic time: the person does not remember what he did when he acted under a certain personality. See Abbreviation Finder for acronyms related to Unfolding.

In the same way, we cannot ignore that it is also a word that is used in sports. Specifically, there is talk of unfolding in the world of football to refer to the situation that occurs when a player carries out an action that does not mean losing the occupation of the field of play while an attack or counterattack by the team that owns it takes place. the ball, and all while covering the offensive teammate’s back.

In the field of finance, the concept of stock split is used to refer to an operation that allows the number of outstanding securities to be increased without modifying the organization’s capital stock. This is achieved through a price that is adjusted so that the market capitalization is not altered.

Likewise, we must point out that the term in question is also used in the field of education. Specifically, there is talk of splitting groups. This basically consists of dividing the students of a class into two groups so that at the same time they work in different classrooms and with different teachers. Exactly during that hour, the usual thing is that they receive different subjects.

In these cases, it must be established that this unfolding is based on a series of relevant aspects, such as these:

-The usual thing is that to carry it out, the students are separated taking into account different criteria, such as the level of curricular competence.

-It favors what is the development of varied methodological strategies.

-It helps to improve the relationship between students and teachers.

-Although these unfoldings can be carried out with different subjects, the truth is that they are usually used with respect to matters of an instrumental nature.

Another use of the notion of splitting is associated with the so-called out-of- body experiences that, according to some religions and spiritual movements, a human being can have. Known as astral projection, it is the sensation of being outside one’s own body. It is important to mention that, for many specialists, splitting is nothing more than a dissociation that is generated by some neurological or psychological factor.