Greensboro/Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The highway network of the Greensboro & Winston-Salem region.

According to Toppharmacyschools, Greensboro and Winston-Salem form a conurbation in the state of North Carolina, in the United States. Greensboro has 298,000 inhabitants and Winston-Salem has 250,000 inhabitants. The agglomeration is called the “Piedmont Triad” and has a total of 1,460,000 inhabitants (2021).


The metropolitan area is located in the mid-northern part of the state of North Carolina and is centered around the western city of Winston-Salem and the eastern city of Greensboro. To the south lies the somewhat smaller town of High Point. The suburban area has grown together here, but there are no other places with more than 20,000 inhabitants. The metropolitan area is 110 miles northeast of Charlotte and 110 miles west of Raleigh. The conurbation is also located 330 kilometers east of Knoxville. The major Piedmont Triad International Airport is located near Greensboro. The agglomeration is not located on a major river. The conurbation is part of an urbanized corridor from Charlotte to Raleigh.

Road network

Greensboro’s road network.

The Winston-Salem Road Network.

The conurbation is located on a highway network of mainly east-west highways, such as the I-40 and I-85. I-73 connects to the south. I-840 is a Greensboro bypass under construction. More Interstate Highways are planned in the region, mainly through the conversion and renumbering of existing US Highways, some of which are now highways. US 421 forms a major east-west connection and US 52 a north-south through Winston-Salem. In addition, US 311 runs from High Point to Winston-Salem. In addition, there are routes such as Business Route of existing Interstate Highways, such as the BR I-40 and BR I-85. US 52 is to be converted to I-74 and I-285 in the future. US 29 is to be converted to I-785. I-274 is to become the western half of the Winston-Salem bypass.


Greensboro had the least congestion of any city in the world in 2018. The new highways and the double numbering generally have a large capacity, often 2×4 lanes. Particularly in Winston-Salem, there is less capacity available on the US Highways, often 2×2 lanes. Congestion is very limited for an urban area of this size.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina