Hawaii – The Aloha State

Hawaii is the largest, but very sparsely populated island of the archipelago. The main cities visited by tourists are Hilo and Kailua-Kona, the center of the west coast. The latter is a small resort town with a bunch of shops and entertainment. The local coast attracts divers and lovers of sport fishing.

In order not to confuse the archipelago of Hawaii and the island of Hawaii, the Americans simply call the latter The Big Island (“Big Island”).

Papahanaumokuakea Nature Reserve

How to get there

Both local airports Kona and Hilo regularly land flights “from the mainland”, mainly from the cities of California and from Seattle. In some cases, it may be more convenient to land in Honolulu or Kahului, and from there fly to the island of Hawaii.


The western coast of the island is densely “settled” by hoteliers. The local Hawaiian beaches are good: with fine sand and a gentle slope into the water. They are in excellent condition. In addition to the well-equipped coastal areas, the island has a whole series of picturesque wild beaches, for example, Macalavena or Gapuna Beach, beloved by connoisseurs of solitude.

There are a few special “chips” on the island: black volcanic sand beaches, the most famous of which are Kehena Beach and Punaluu Beach, and absolutely amazing green sandy beaches at its southern tip.

Entertainment and attractions of the island of Hawaii

The island has several tropical gardens that bloom all year round, but still its main attraction, the rows of which attract crowds of tourists from all over the United States and Europe, is The Volcano Area National Park. The island’s volcanoes are unique not only for their size and frequency of eruptions, but also for their accessibility.

Even on the island, you can climb Mount Mauna Kea, on top of which there is an observatory. It will also be interesting to visit coffee and vanilla plantations. Finally, you should pay attention to the complex of Akaka waterfalls up to 130 m high.

Hawaii - The Aloha State