Indiana – The Hoosier State

“Land of the Indians”, “The Big State” or “Crossroads of America” ​​- whatever you want to call it, Indiana has always been and remains a state that attracts sports, arts, supporters of “green” and family vacations from all over the world. Only one thing is impossible here – to get bored, so if you are not going to “lie down” on vacation, Indiana is waiting for you. Locals joke about their home state: “There is no better place on earth to restart the engines of your own body.” This is the real truth! A trip to Indiana will restore your physical strength, peace of mind, give you vivid emotions and energize you for the whole year, until the next trip to the “Land of the Indians”.

Cataract Falls in Indiana

Only one thing is impossible here – to get bored, so if you are not going to “lie down” on vacation, Indiana is waiting for you.

Indiana is sandwiched between the southern shores of Lake Michigan and the states of Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois. The territory of the state does not differ in high altitude, it is divided into three parts: the northern lake, the central plain and the southern hilly. Here people like to fish, go in for sports, have fun at numerous festivals, compete in tomahawk throwing and drink local wine.

The first vineyards appeared here already in the 18th century, and today 25 wineries produce a wide range of quality wines that can surprise even the most sophisticated gourmets.

Center of Commerce, Sports and Culture of the State – Capital Indianapolis. Be sure to take a few days to explore this city, which certainly deserves your attention. Other major cities in the state are Evansville, Gary, South Bend, Hammond.

How to get there

Indiana’s main airport is Indianapolis International Airport. This air harbor accepts passengers from Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo and Domodedovo. Flight time varies from 10 to 28 hours. Well, as usual when traveling to America, transfers cannot be avoided.

In the state itself, you can travel by rented car, bicycle, for which special excellent quality roads are laid, by rail or on foot. By the way, locals are happy to travel around the state on foot excursions, honoring an active lifestyle. Join now!

Weather in Indiana

The climate of Indiana is very comfortable, favorable for life and recreation. Mild, snowy winters mean January temperatures ranging from -10°C (in the north) to -6°C (in the south). Moderate heat in summer – in July you will find from +25 ° C (in the north) to + 31 ° C (in the south). However, there is one thing: Indiana is one of the most tornado-prone American regions. As you know, hurricanes prefer the summer season, so if you’re not a tornado catcher, check the weather reports before you go to Indiana.

Entertainment, excursions, attractions in Indiana

The most important thing in Indiana is to move. It is worth noting that in terms of movement and dynamics of life and recreation, not many states can compare with Indiana. A variety of outdoor activities are offered. Backpacking around the home state is very popular, from short walks along the cobbled streets of the city to hiking along trails laid in the depths of national parks.

In Indiana, you can go to one of the many nature reserves or reserves, ride a bike or go horseback riding.

Fishing enthusiasts prefer to spend their time fishing on Lake Michigan or one of the rivers. You can go to one of the many natural reserves or reserves, ride a bike or take a horse ride. And at the same time get acquainted with the sights and nature of the state.


Indianapolis is a Mecca for motorsports and basketball lovers. Hundreds of thousands flock here on Memorial Day Eve (May) for the famous Indy 500, in August for the Brickyard 400, and in September for the American Formula One round. .

But active sports life is not everything in Indianapolis. This city is ready to surprise lovers of art and history with its museums, monuments and galleries. Walking around Indianapolis, take a look at White River State Park, home to the Indiana State Museum. Here you will see a unique display of historic Indiana homes from prehistoric times to the present day. The museum also houses one of four IMAX theaters in Indiana.

Indianapolis is ready to surprise art and history lovers with its museums, monuments and galleries.

After visiting the State Museum, check out the Indianapolis Museum of Art, located on North Michigan Road. It is one of the nine oldest and eight largest encyclopedic art museums in the United States. Nearly 54,000 works are represented in the museum’s collection, including works by African, American, Asian and European artists. The collection includes Neo-Impressionist paintings, Japanese paintings from the Edo period, Chinese ceramics and bronze, sculptures, engravings by famous American and European masters.

The Monument to Sailors and Soldiers, dedicated to the memory of veterans who participated in the Anglo-American, Mexican-American, Spanish-American and Civil Wars, deserves special attention. The monument was built of limestone and bronze and is a large neoclassical stele, decorated with bas-reliefs and topped with the figure of the Statue of Liberty. The monument is on the US National Register of Historic Places.

Well, the largest children’s museum in the world, the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, awaits young visitors. About 120,000 exhibits “live” on 5 floors, which are divided mainly into the American Collection, the World Culture Collection and the Natural Science Collection. The collection also includes a carousel, dinosaurs, a steam locomotive; the building is adorned with glass fireworks and a huge dinosaur trying to get inside through the roof. To explore the museum, allocate a whole day, and even a few are better.

Indiana Dunes National Park

The Indiana Dunes National Preserve is located on the shores of Lake Michigan in an area of ​​almost 6,070 hectares. Visitors are given a unique opportunity to view all the ecosystems that are found in the United States: prairies, forests, swamps, swamps, savannahs and dunes. Among all this splendor of natural landscapes, roads and highways are laid along which tourists can move. Each zone of the ecosystem has its own amazing and unique vegetation.

This is one of the quietest national parks, it ranks 7th among US parks in terms of the diversity of flora and fauna. The entire environment of the park is a habitat for a variety of wildlife and plant varieties. In addition to good beaches and an unusual landscape full of high sandy slopes and quicksands, as well as very unusual flora, pine trees, various tundra berry bushes, insectivorous plants and even cacti grow very close by.

Indiana Dunes is one of the quietest national parks, ranked 7th among US parks for the diversity of flora and fauna.

Indiana Dunes is a wonderful vacation spot with many dunes, hiking trails, campgrounds for vacationers. On the territory of the park there are campsites, picnic areas, hiking trails, numerous signs – in general, the staff of the reserve made sure that your stay was comfortable and safe.

Indiana - The Hoosier State