Maryland – The Old Line State

About this small US state, having become acquainted with its history, one can say for sure: it has a fighting character. Its inhabitants fought for everything and against everything: against Prohibition, against stamp duty, for religious tolerance, for territory, for their own constitution, for independence. No wonder it is also called the “free state”!

Joog Bay Preserve in southern Maryland

The state of Maryland is full of beautiful resort areas, including the famous Ocean City, which is called the “number one family resort”.

Today, Maryland is one of the thirteen founding states of the United States that led the American Revolution. Here, on the Atlantic coast, there are several resort areas, including the famous Ocean City, which is called the “number one family resort”. In the west of Maryland, in its mountainous part, there are excellent ski resorts.

The state capital is Annapolis.

The largest port city is Baltimore. The resort is Ocean City.

How to get there

It will not be possible to get to Maryland directly; in any case, you will have to fly with a transfer, or even with two. Airlines offer flights through New York, Toronto, Istanbul and even the United Arab Emirates. Ultimately, you will arrive in Washington , and from it, as they say, a stone’s throw to Baltimore – 65-70 km. A ticket for the MARC train on the Penn line will cost 8 USD per person. Local taxi drivers do not separate Washington and Baltimore at all, for them it is one city – be on the lookout!

Weather in Maryland

The climate in Maryland is humid subtropical. In summer, the average temperature is 26 ° C above zero, frequent showers and thunderstorms. In winter – +3 ° C, snow falls periodically, several times during the winter there is freezing rain. But in general, the winter in Maryland is mild and comfortable.


Baltimore is the largest city in the state and its port. It is also the birthplace of Edgar Allan Poe, the writer’s house has been preserved here. In Baltimore, Edgar Allan Poe visited his grandparents in 1809, then he hid here, pursued by gambling debts and abandoned by a girl of 18-year-old boy. He began writing stories in this city, got married, buried his wife and died himself 12 years later. On his tombstone is a raven – the hero of the famous poem of the poet.

On the writer’s birthday, on the night of January 19, a man in a dark raincoat and black hat appears at the grave and leaves red roses and half a bottle of cognac.

The visiting card of Baltimore, its pride is the inner harbor of Inner Harbor. A whole flotilla of ships is moored on the piers, which are open for excursions. But the harbor is interesting for tourists, first of all, because it is a shopping and entertainment area of ​​the city, where the main attractions are located. The docks and streets around the harbor are filled with museums, restaurants and shops.

Be sure to visit the National Aquarium in Baltimore! For 39.95 USD from the nose you will see a show with dolphins, admire the huge one – 10 thousand species! – a collection of fish, jellyfish, shells… From the harbor you can take a water taxi to the Italian district of Baltimore, Little Italy. A large Italian community still lives here, and therefore in the restaurants and cafes of the area you can always taste real Italian cuisine and buy a national little thing. In addition, “Little Italy ” is one of the safest areas of criminal Baltimore.

Ocean City

The 25 km long sandy beach is the main attraction of this small resort town. The local population does not exceed 8 thousand inhabitants, although in the summer about 350 thousand people live here! It is for the beaches and the ocean that tourists with children love it, and therefore Ocean City is known as the “family resort No. 1”. There are all the opportunities for water sports, and for children there are amusement parks. Travelers are also attracted by the boardwalk – a 5-kilometer pedestrian embankment, with many cafes and restaurants where you can taste excellent seafood cuisine.

At the beginning of August, Ocean City hosts a major competition for anglers – the White Marlin Tournament, where you can win over one million dollars!

The Chesapeake Bay provides over 200 million kilograms of seafood every year!


Just 40 km from Baltimore is the state capital, and once the capital of the state, Annapolis. Today it is full of tourists, Annapolis is also called the “sailing capital of America.” Now it is a quiet place with well-preserved buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries. The pride of the capital is the US Naval Academy: it is the prestige of the country’s naval forces and, at the same time, the rich history of the entire American fleet. And, of course, tourists go to Annapolis to admire the Chesapeake Bay, the waters and tributaries of which cover approximately 11,600 square kilometers.

The Chesapeake Bay is home to about 3,600 species of plants, fish, and 29 species of migratory waterfowl. The bay produces more than 225 million kg of seafood annually.

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Maryland - The Old Line State