Massachusetts – The Bay State

It was in Massachusetts that the popular American holiday Thanksgiving Day was born. Historians claim that when the British from the Mayflower landed on the shores of the future state, the Indians helped them get used to it. In honor of this, during the first harvest in October 1621, the colonists held a three-day feast. Massachusetts also gave the world the idols of classic rock – Aerosmith and The Cars and the stars of world literature – Nathaniel Gotthorne and Henry Longfellow.

coast of Massachusetts

Massachusetts is informally known as the Bay State. There are four of them at once: Massachusetts, Cape Cod, Buzzards and Narragansett.

The state capital is Boston.

Other major cities are Plymouth, Gloucester, Worcester, Cambridge, Lowell, Springfield.

How to get there

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Weather in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has an oceanic climate. There is a lot of precipitation here. Summers are warm and humid, while winters are cool, windy and often snowy. At the same time, temperature fluctuations in different districts of the state are significant: in Boston in winter, the thermometer does not fall below +2 ° C, while in Plymouth at this time it is usually -3 ° C.

Entertainment and attractions in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is informally known as the Bay State. There are 4 of them here at once: Massachusetts, Cape Cod, Buzzards and Narragansett. In the west of the state are the Taconic and Berkshire mountain ranges. Thanks to such a rich nature, ecotourism is popular here. In the city of Stockbridge, for example, there is the Berkshire Botanical Garden, and in Pittsfield there is an arboretum.

In the Berkshire Hills is the Bash Bish Falls, the largest in Massachusetts: its height is 18 meters.

Tourists are also attracted by the national park of the coast of the Cape Cod Peninsula. It has a huge area with beautiful ponds, forests and, of course, the beaches of the Atlantic coast. For a cultural program, of course, one should go to the cities. And first of all – to Boston!

Cultural Boston

Boston is one of the oldest and richest cities in the United States. Of course, there are many cultural attractions in the state capital: more than 70 universities and colleges, including the famous Harvard University, which have their own museums of history, arts and local history. Be sure to visit the world-famous Museum of Fine Arts!

A 5-kilometer pedestrian tourist zone “Freedom Route” passes through the entire city. It has all the main sights and historical places of Boston.

At the top of the highest mountain in Massachusetts, Greylock, there is a tower 28 meters high. This is a memorial to war heroes. At its top, like a lighthouse, powerful lamps are burning that shine for more than a hundred kilometers!

Historic Plymouth

Tourists flock to Plymouth because this town is the first settlement in New England. There are a large number of museums, including open-air ones: they acquaint visitors with the events that took place in New England at the beginning of the 17th century.

The most famous project is Plimoth Plantation. This is a huge historical and ethnographic complex, in which two settlements are recreated – Indian and colonists. The guides here are dressed in the fashion of those times, go about their daily business and casually tell tourists their stories.

Since 1957, tourists have been happy to visit the exact copy of the Mayflower ship, on which the British arrived in the New World. Now the Mayflower 2 is a museum, but it is still, as they say, afloat – it has retained its navigable qualities. Interestingly, part of the money for the construction of a copy of the famous ship was raised by schoolchildren across America. Let’s return to the British, who arrived by ship in the future Massachusetts: they landed on a place that is now called Plymouth Rock, and now it is one of the main attractions of the city. Near the rock is the National Monument to the Ancestors.

Fishing Gloucester

If you get to Gloucester – a major center of industrial fishing, then you will certainly not pass by the visiting card of the town – a monument to a fisherman. It was installed in 1925 in honor of the 300th anniversary of Gloucester, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places of the country. And in 2001, his wife joined the fisherman. The monument to his wife was created by sculptor Morgan Folds Pike.

Automotive Brooklyn

Tourists who are not indifferent to cars, especially rare ones, should go to Brooklyn. After all, here is the Lars Anderson Museum with the oldest car collection in the United States. Anderson purchased his first car in 1899. After that, he changed more than 30 cars, but did not sell the old ones. Now the collection is owned by the authorities of Brooklyn. Now in the exposition you can see not only vintage cars, but also 24 horse-drawn carriages, 6 sledges and a collection of vintage bicycles. Festivals are also held here, which bring together owners of vintage cars from different US cities.

And in Brooklyn there is the house of the 35th US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, he was born here and spent his childhood, and now it is a museum.

Mount Greylock

At the top of the highest mountain in Massachusetts, Greylock, there is a tower 28 meters high. This is a memorial to war heroes. The monument was built in 1932 in honor of the veterans of the First World War. At its top, like a lighthouse, powerful lamps are burning that shine for more than a hundred kilometers!

Whaling Museum in New Bedford

New Bedford was famous for whaling in the 19th century, and it is here that the action of the most famous book about whalers, Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick, begins. At the beginning of the last century, namely in 1903, the museum of whalers was opened. Now it contains more than 200 thousand exhibits, including thousands of authentic ship’s logs. By the way, the museum is just a part of the National Whaling Historical Park, which also includes the “old” part of the city, the schooner “Ernestina” and other attractions.

Massachusetts - The Bay State