Nevada – The Silver State

Nevada is one of the driest states in the US, located between California and Utah. Most tourists who want to gamble, watch various shows and indulge in local cuisine visit only Reno, Tahoe and, of course, Las Vegas, however, if desired, a trip to this state can be more exciting than any western – besides, the nature of Nevada also deserves attention, because you will not find anything like it in other parts of North America, or in Europe, or in Asia.

State of Nevada on USA map

The official language in Nevada is, of course, English, but many locals also speak Spanish. Although they do not speak it, thereby showing their contempt for illegal immigrants, since the latter do not learn English.

The Nevada Tourist Office is located at Carson City, Capitol Complex, Dept. T.I.A.; tel.: (702) 687-4322.

How to get to Nevada

By plane

McCarran International Airport, located in Las Vegas, receives many domestic and international flights. And if you’re planning to travel to Nevada from another state in America, you can also fly to Reno-Tahoe International Airport, one of the state’s largest domestic-only airports. There is also an airport in Carson City, the capital of Nevada, but it is quite small and you will most likely find it difficult to find a convenient flight.

By bus

Buses from several companies arrive in different cities of Nevada at once – Greyhound, LuxBus and Starline Tours – whose routes cover almost the entire territory of the United States, so you can certainly find a bus that suits you.

By train

Las Vegas receives Amtrak trains from Los Angeles, California, Utah, New Mexico, and San Francisco.

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Weather in Nevada

Nevada has a dry continental climate and is almost always very sunny. Most of the state is located in the desert, so that in summer the daytime temperature can rise to +50C, and in winter it can fall to -10C at night. But most of the time the climate is quite mild – the average temperature in summer is +35…40, and in winter – 0…-2C.


In Las Vegas, Tahoe and Reno there are a huge number of restaurants that can satisfy absolutely any gastronomic whim, outside of these cities the cuisine is mainly Mexican or American. European is modestly represented by the works of Italians, and again – only in large cities.

Nevada is one of those happy states where the influx of immigrants from China has not yet been very large. Therefore, you can taste Japanese or Chinese cuisine here, they are even popular, but walking around Chinatown (as, for example, in some cities in California) is not such entertainment here.

Due to the extremely dry climate, meat dishes predominate in the state, and fruits and some types of vegetables are very difficult to grow in Nevada, which, of course, affects their price and availability.

Nevada is one of the states with the most lenient alcohol laws (of course, if you are already 21 years old and you are not going to drive). Most shops and bars have a huge range of different alcoholic drinks and are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week – and some of them have not closed at all for a minute for more than 40 years. Many bars in the state are combined with casinos – at least almost everyone has slot machines, and some can offer you free drinks if you play.

There is a rather negative attitude towards smoking throughout the state, so if you smoke, be sure to first ask if it is allowed in the establishment you are in. The latter, however, does not apply to casinos – you can smoke there with a clear conscience and “dirty lungs”;)

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Entertainment and attractions in Nevada

Be sure to visit the Great Basin National Park, not too popular, but surprisingly picturesque, where you can camp at an altitude of about 3000 meters.

When it comes to entertainment, don’t forget that you are near Las Vegas, the “Mecca of gambling” where people from all over the world flock to try their luck at the casino. The work of approximately 20% of the population of the state is somehow connected with the gambling business. Agree, it would be rather strange to visit here and not try to play at least once. Las Vegas is also the most convenient place for those who want to see the Grand Canyon in Arizona and hit the road to California, to the San Diego Zoo.

Nevada has very strict restrictions regarding the age of casino visitors. If you are under 21, you cannot not only play, but even just be in the casino.

Active guests will enjoy camping, fishing and hiking. There are two national parks in the state – the Great Basin Park mentioned above and the park in Death Valley, where you can stay with your tent or rent it right on the spot (but do not forget to get permission from the park authority), the Wheeler Peak Glacier and many mountain peaks with a beautiful view.

In winter, tourists go to Lake Tahoe to go skiing and “boarding”, because there are more than 15 ski resorts, in summer – for fishing and water recreation. Lake Pirmid is also suitable for fishing, besides there are fewer tourists, in a word, an ideal option for those who prefer a relaxing holiday. At the same time, it is better and cheaper to stay in Reno, since hotels are more expensive on Tahoe, and the lake is only a 20-minute drive from the city. You can also rent bikes in Tahoe.

And, of course, in any city in Nevada there is everything for lovers of golf and tennis (especially golf), however, it will cost decently.

Other attractions: Red Rock Canyon, a beautiful 900-meter slope of the western edge of the river valley in the thickets of the “Joshua tree”, 70 km southeast of the center of Vegas, the colossal Hoover Dam, Lakes Mead and Tahoe, Indian Museum near Vegas, Spring Preserve and, of course, the Elvis Museum.


Rodeo in June, followed by The Hot August Nights in July, The West Nugget Rib Cook-off in August, The Street Vibrations Motorcycle Festival in September, The Great Reno Balloon Race in September. In addition, Black Rock City hosts the annual Burning Man Festival, one of the world’s most famous “radical expression” festivals. Other events include the colorful Pomegranate Festival near Vegas and the Scottish Festival in Lamb Park.

The pleasure of the bright events and holidays of Nevada is colossal, not only Americans and Canadians, but also tourists from all over the world flock here for a reason, from 50 to 200 thousand people a week.

Nevada - The Silver State