New Jersey – The Garden State

The state of New Jersey is located on an imposing peninsula that lies surrounded by the valleys of the Delaware and Hudson rivers. Despite the fact that New Jersey is officially called Garden State, the gardens themselves in the state cannot be found in the afternoon with fire. Only in the western regions, near the hills, do the famous gardens begin. But the eastern part of the state is completely dominated by industrial America. There are also densely populated resort towns and suburbs of large cities.

The state of New Jersey is divided into three regions: North, Central and South Jersey.

The state is often called “little America”, because here you can find a successful symbiosis of the already mentioned gardens and industrial agglomerations, resort towns and protected areas.

coast of New Jersey

The capital is the city of Trenton, the largest city is Newark, must see –

Atlantic City.


A dense transportation network, owned by New Jersey Transit, provides expeditious movement throughout the state. The railroad connects the state with New York and its suburbs. The PATH Interstate Subway System operates 24 hours a day and connects cities across the state to Manhattan. Its stations are integrated with the mainstream New York City Subway, the Hudson Bergen Light Rail light rail system, and Newark’s light rail system.

Despite the integration, all transfers between transport systems are paid.

You can also resort to traveling by bus. Fortunately, more than 300 routes that move with enviable regularity allow you to get to New York or Philadelphia in a matter of hours. In addition, fuel in New Jersey is quite inexpensive, therefore, having acquired a rented car, you can travel around the state by car. Fortunately, the quality of roads and their logistics in New Jersey are at an incredibly high level.

Entertainment and attractions in New Jersey

State attractions are scattered throughout its territory. Therefore, the tourist will have to spend a lot of time to explore them all. Most of the interesting places are concentrated on the east coast of the state.

A conversation about the sights of New Jersey should start with a story about the landscape park Interstate. Located north of Newark, it is a favorite vacation spot for wealthy Native Americans. However, it also attracts foreign tourists. According to the most modest statistics, more than 7 million guests visit it annually.

Moving south of the state, you should definitely visit Atlantic City – along with Las Vegas, this place is the only gambling oasis on land that operates legally in the United States. It makes no sense to come here during the day. But in the evening, getting into the illumination of the casino, you can take a walk along the Boardwalk – the main city street, made of boards laid over the beach sand. It is along this street that all the casinos of Atlantic City lined up, including the most colorful of them – the Taj Mahal. Despite the whole play of colors, the atmosphere of revelry and crazy excitement is not felt here – the state very seriously controls the process of gambling.

In no case should you ignore Princeton – a charming town in which the famous Princeton University is located. There is also the Einstein House Museum. In addition, on these lands in 1777 there was a battle between the troops of George Washington and the British army.

New Jersey for kids

The state of New Jersey is also presentable in matters of family tourism. Traveling to the Adventure Aquarium entertainment center located near Camden will be incredibly memorable. A sea of ​​thrills awaits the kids at the renovated Land of Make Believe amusement park in Hope.

New Jersey’s cultural heritage is best seen in Newark. There is a famous local museum, which houses original American art and science in 80 galleries. There is also one of the most creative American zoos and a wonderful planetarium. Fans of a real American family vacation can visit the Prudential Center in Newark, where the local NHL New Jersey Devils play their home games.

A remarkable and touching fact: in February 2012, Americans said goodbye to the outstanding singer Whitney Houston in this arena, which seats 18,000 spectators.

Fans of cultural leisure should also visit the museums of Jersey City, as well as the house-museum of Thomas Edison himself in West Orange. A visit to the historical complex of Morristown will be memorable.

Natural Monuments and Preserves in New Jersey

The state of New Jersey is also rich in natural and recreational areas. It is home to the UNESCO-recognized Pinelands National Wildlife Refuge, the world’s largest safari park in Jackson, and one of America’s oldest vineyards, Reno Weinery, located to the west of Egg Harbor. It is also worth visiting the Delaware Water Gap recreational area and the Mountain Creek ski slopes.

New Jersey - The Garden State