New York – The Empire State

New York State (NYS) is perhaps the most famous state in America. For the millions of emigrants who have come to America since the 1980s, the Statue of Liberty, crowning Liberty Island in New York City, symbolized America itself and their American dream of freedom, the opportunity to achieve a better, richer and more complete life for themselves and their families. opportunities.

Fort Ticonderoga

In fact, the name New York is carried by the state (New York State), the city (New York City) and the county (New York County). The second meaning of the word county in English is a county, and it is in honor of the county of York or Yorkshire in the UK that New York got its name. The unofficial name of New York is the Imperial State.

How to get there

New York City is the largest transportation artery not only in the state, but in the United States as a whole. In New York itself and its suburbs, there are three largest airports: them. J. Kennedy, La Guardia and in Newark. Direct flights from Moscow to New York are operated daily by Aeroflot and Delta airlines throughout the year. Travel time is an average of 10 hours.

Despite the fact that rail service in the United States of America is not very popular with the local population (the ticket price is approximately equal to the cost of domestic air travel), Penn Station in New York City serves many destinations. One of the popular offers: 3-, 5- and 7-day Amtrak train tickets (USA Rail Passes) for foreign tourists – there are a lot of tourist rail routes, because in this way you can see the state, or even several states, quite comfortably and leisurely enjoying the landscapes.

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The state of New York is located in the northeastern United States on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, near the border with Canada. Its area is 141 thousand square meters. km: New York is the largest of the Mid-Atlantic states. This is not only the mainland of North America, the state includes Long Island. The administrative center of the state is the city of Albany, however, the state is associated with the largest city not only in the vicinity, but also with one of the greatest metropolitan areas in the world – the city of New York – the financial center of the United States.

In terms of population (about 20 million people), the state ranks third among the rest of the United States, second only to California and Texas. In total, the state has about 85% of the urban population, with 60% of the residents from New York City. Other major cities of the state are Rochester, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Bingampton, Sinectady, Syracuse, Utica, but they are predominantly industrial centers, while New York City is not only an economic and business center, but also a tourist “heart” of the state.

Nature in new york state

The state of New York has access to the Atlantic Ocean in the southeast, and in the west – to lakes Erie and Ontario. Approximately 13% of the state’s territory is occupied by rivers and lakes, the main rivers are the Hudson, connected with the Great North American Lakes system, as well as the St. Lawrence, Mohawk, Susquehanna rivers. In the northwest, off the coast of Ontario and on Long Island, it is predominantly lowland.

A large part of the state is occupied by the spurs of the Appalachians. The highest point is the Adirondack Mountains in the northeast (1628 m), the edge of the Appalachian Plateau in the southwest is noticeably lower and reaches 656 m (Allegan Mountains). There are many coniferous and mixed forests in the state.

Weather in New York State

The climate of the state is temperate and humid. In the southeast it is softer and more humid, in the mountains it is continental. Average monthly temperatures are from 0-8 degrees in winter to 23 degrees in summer. The norm of precipitation is about 800-1000 mm per year.

Attractions and Attractions in New York State

The main flow of tourists in the state is directed precisely to the city of New York. It is a city of the greatest skyscrapers, museums, art galleries, theaters, picturesque parks and a fantastic mixture of cultures. However, the tourist places of the state are not limited to them, although this route is the most common and in demand.

To the north of New York stretches the Hudson Valley with magnificent landscapes and small cozy towns. On the west bank of the Hudson is Harriman State Park, a favorite vacation spot for locals and visitors with hiking and swimming in picturesque lakes.

Nearby, Bear Mountain Park is no less popular with outdoor enthusiasts: it is primarily the Trailside Park Museum and the zoo, which is also a shelter for rescued animals.

Nearby is the famous West Point Military Academy (in operation since 1802) and the university campus of the same name, an imposing collection of red brick and gray stone buildings. Despite the status of the current ones, they are historical monuments and tours are conducted on them.

To the southeast begins the wildest natural park on the east coast – the Adirondacks. Created in 1882, it occupies 2.5 million hectares of virgin forest and sandy shores. There are many lakes (one of the most popular sport fishing spots in the country!) and almost a hundred ski resorts, including the famous Lake Placid, Hunter Mountain and Saratoga Springs. The same Saratoga Springs, by the way, is not only a ski resort, but also a famous balneological resort, which was the most popular in the 19th century.

Also within the state are the state parks of the Allegheny Mountains and the Catskills – favorite places for fans of summer and winter eco-friendly recreation.

In addition to natural and national parks, in the state of New York you can visit the resort town of Hampton (its suburb of East Hampton with the historic Montauk lighthouse is considered one of the most beautiful places on the coast), the city of Lockport with its complex of ancient gateways and the Indian settlements of Southampton. Those who prefer a more traditional holiday are invited to visit the numerous resort towns in the mountains of Catskill, Kittatinny and Shongum.

Niagara Falls is located on the territory of the state – not the largest, but the most famous and replicated waterfall in the world, which is a cascade of American, Bridel Vale and Kenadian Falls waterfalls.

Fans of history and thematic museums will certainly like the house-museum of George Eastman, the inventor of film and the Kodak camera, and the International Museum of Photography in Rochester.

We also recommend visiting the colorful city of Woodstock, famous not only for the rock festival (Woodstock Music and Art Festival), which is actually held 60 km south of the city, on one of the farms of the town of Bethel, but also for craftsmen.

In addition, in the Hudson Valley, the state capital is located – the city of Albany – the main decorations of which are the Rockefeller Empire State Plaza complex and the State Museum of the State (the oldest and largest museum of its kind in the country).

New York - The Empire State