South Carolina – The Palmetto State

Smiling faces and beautiful places are not only the motto of one of the warmest states in America, but also the everyday reality of South Carolina, which is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, washed by the warm waters of the Gulf Stream. Luxurious colonial architecture and kilometer-long beaches are what millions of tourists who come to the state from all over the world meet. The coastline of the state is almost completely suitable for swimming and beach equipment, and the longest line of beaches stretches for almost 100 kilometers.

Southeast South Carolina

Luxurious colonial architecture and kilometer-long beaches are what millions of tourists come to South Carolina from all over the world.

It almost never snows in South Carolina. The minimum temperature of the winter months rarely falls below two degrees, and precipitation almost always falls in the form of hail.

The state capital is Colombia.

The largest cities are Charleston, Rock Hill, Spartanburg.

How to get there

You can get to South Carolina through the transit airports of the largest cities of the US Atlantic coast – New York, Atlanta, Charlotte and Philadelphia. Airplanes from Detroit, Dallas and Houston regularly fly to the capital of the state, Columbia. A railroad runs through the region and the famous Silver Star train runs from New York to Miami. Both cities have direct flights from Russia, so you can try this route as well. During the journey, the train passes through Philadelphia, Washington, Baltimore, Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando and Savannah. The trip promises to be exciting.

Kongari National Park

Anyone who arrives in Colombia has the opportunity to visit one of the few tracts of relic forest on the East Coast of the United States. The park is located at a distance of thirty kilometers from the city, and you can get there by car within an hour. The terrain in Kongari is swampy, so wooden platforms are laid throughout the park, connected in a simple system for ease of movement. There are many rivers throughout the area of ​​​​the relict forest, so tourists can rent a boat, kayak or Indian canoe. Camping is also allowed here, but you should be careful: in addition to bears, lynxes, coyotes and snakes, Kongari is full of alligators, which can be quite dangerous.


If you want to see a piece of America that existed here before the period of total industrialization, then you should definitely visit Charleston. The city became the first English settlement in this area, which is reflected in its architectural appearance. In the historical part of the city, many buildings of the colonial era have been preserved, and several estates of former planters have been turned into museums. By the way, the oldest museum in the United States operates in Charleston.

It is better to start your acquaintance with the old town from the Visitor Reception and Transportation Center, where you can leave your car and get free maps with tourist routes. You should definitely visit the “French Quarter” of the city, where today there is an overwhelming number of galleries. The French have not lived here for a long time, but it is this area of ​​Charleston that is considered to be the oldest European settlement, even despite the fact that the city was founded by the British.

Charleston is home to one of the longest stretch bridges in the world at 471 meters long. The Charleston Bridge connects the city to the oceanfront suburbs.

One of the most amazing military memorial museums in the world has been opened in Charleston, the central exhibit of which is the aircraft carrier Yorktown, which took part in the Vietnam conflict. It’s hard to believe, but tourists have access to absolutely all compartments of a huge colossus! On the deck of the ship is located aircraft carrier-based aviation. Even though the offensive weapons on fighters and helicopters are demilitarized, this does not affect the grandeur of such a project.

Currently, 25 carrier-based fighters are installed on the runway of the aircraft carrier Yorktown, including the legendary Phantom and Tomcat.

Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand

The Grand Strand is a coastal strip with excellent beaches, most of which falls on the state of South Carolina. More than 14 million people visit these beaches every year, thanks in large part to the well-established entertainment industry. The town of Myrtle Beach is home to several large family parks, as well as dozens of themed entertainment centers.

More than forty golf courses are open in Myrtle Beach, and thanks to the ideal climate and the availability of quality courses, the city attracts a very civilized audience.

Popular hotels in South Carolina


The capital of the state of South Carolina is a fairly large city (131.5 thousand inhabitants), which keeps a considerable share of American history.

In Colombia, there was the first skirmish, which practically marked the beginning of a civil war. Forts Sumter and Johnson, on the territory of which museums function, became the place of tragic actions.

Like every American city, Colombia has the “best establishment” in the country, which has become the luxurious Riverbanks Zoo, in which animals live in almost natural conditions.

At Riverbanks, zoologists were doing research trying to record the voice of giraffes, until then thought to be mute. It was here, along with the Ashborough Zoological Gardens, that scientists were able to prove that giraffes are capable of quite complex verbal communication.

Colombia even has its own castle, which was built on the lands of Huntington Beach Park, where one of the largest botanical collections on the continent is collected.

South Carolina - The Palmetto State