St. Constantine and Elena, Bulgaria

St. Constantine and Elena is the oldest seaside resort in Bulgaria, located in a luxurious park just a few kilometers from Varna. Best of all, it is suitable for a calm, measured rest. It is dominated by 2-3* hotels, built among a huge century-old park with sparse trees and healing thermal mineral springs (water temperature +38..+46°C), creating a special microclimate and saturating the air with negative ions.

The resort has an extended beach strip with a pier, a discotheque, pools with sea and mineral water and a water slide. A balneological treatment center operates on the basis of a local hydrogen sulfide source.

How to get there

Flight to Varna, then transfer from the airport 50 minutes (about 20 km). See ANDYEDUCATION.COM for education and training in Bulgaria.

The resort of St. Constantine and Elena is located only 10 km from the large city of Varna and 10 km from the Golden Sands resort. Therefore, if you are still an adherent of a traditional holiday and want to have both bread and circuses, then you can dilute the peace and quiet of the resort for yourself with a fun pastime, excursions and shopping in the nearest settlements where life is in full swing. But still, try at least once not to rush to live and press pause in this beautiful resort place.

Weather in St. Constantine and Helena

Due to the abundance of greenery in the resort, a special mild microclimate is created, in which it is comfortable to stay even in the most merciless heat, which is especially important for young children and elderly vacationers.


In the 14-16 centuries, there was a monastery here, which arose as a dedication to the first Roman emperor Constantine the Great, who converted to Christianity, as well as to his mother, Empress Elena, who made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Palestine and found, according to legend, the Holy Cross. In 1908, the first holiday home in Bulgaria appeared on this site from the spontaneous buildings of wealthy locals who loved to relax here in the summer. In 2008, this oldest seaside resort in the country celebrated its 100th anniversary.

A reminder of the monastery now is a small chapel, over time, half gone into the ground.

Hotels and restaurants

The resort complex consists of a large number of hotels and 25 villas. The most interesting and status hotels are the five-star Varna Grand Hotel, Julio Curie, Prostor Hotel, Roubin Hotel, Sirius, Coral Hotel and Slunchev Den. All hotels have an excellent convenient infrastructure. In addition to balneo and spa centers, indoor and outdoor pools, there are fitness rooms, tennis courts, golf courses, playgrounds for children, an equestrian club, bike, car, boat, yacht rental.


There are truly healing mineral springs on the territory of the resort, with the help of which many diseases are treated. Numerous outdoor and indoor pools are filled with hot mineral water, the temperature of which varies from 38 to 45 degrees. The same water is carried to the beaches, where you can take a shower or bath in the dams in the sea, where it flows.

Water treatments in local mineral springs are extremely beneficial for the body, because the water contains calcium, iodine, bromine, sulfates and magnesium ions.

Balneo-centers of the resort offers a wide range of services and procedures for the treatment and prevention of various diseases. In particular, mineral water treatment is indicated for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, arthritis, arthrosis, skin diseases, problems with the respiratory tract and gastrointestinal tract, metabolic disorders, kidney and nervous system diseases, as well as general exhaustion. organism. The following procedures are offered to the guests: hydrotherapy itself, mud therapy, physiotherapy, reflexology, massages, thalassotherapy, apitherapy (treatment with beekeeping products), as well as a set of individually selected programs (anti-stress, therapeutic weight loss, fitness program and Spa procedures). These programs are developed by specialists of the balneological center at the Varna Grand Hotel.

If you do not need complex treatment, but would just like to discover something new and unusual in the field of natural prophylactic remedies, then you can recommend a hyperthermal hydrogen sulfide source, if you have no contraindications to this.

The pleasure is quite specific, since hydrogen sulfide has a very sharp, unpleasant odor. In order to somehow minimize the gas attack on your sense of smell, it can be advised to take baths on windy days, so that the aroma would blow off at least sometimes.

Such voluntary torture will be worth it, because the thermal water of this source has an extremely beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, hair, the nervous system, and the whole organism as a whole. Due to the high temperature of the thermal springs, you can swim in them almost all year round, in any weather.


You can have a snack or a hearty meal in the lobby bar, pastry shop, as well as in one of 11 restaurants. The Bulgarian Wedding restaurant will surprise you with an original folklore program, and in the Monastery Izba restaurant you can taste the famous Bulgarian wine Whisper of the Monks. In addition, there are many restaurants with excellent national, European or fish cuisine.

Entertainment and attractions of St. Constantine and Helena

The resort itself is a forested area, where among the pines, thujas, plane trees and cypresses you can see exotic fig and lime trees. Slowly strolling in the evening along the shady alleys of the park, couples suggest an old-fashioned vacation spot for noble people who traditionally went to the waters a couple of centuries ago in the summer. Feelings of elitism and spirituality create a special atmosphere in the resort.

In the evenings, numerous discos and clubs open on the shore, and the Grand Hotel Varna has a casino.

The picturesque coastline of these places with a relief line of rocks, bays and bays attracts fans of fishing and diving to these places, silence and serenity – lovers of solitude and romantics, and balneocenters, with numerous procedures based on natural mineral waters, everyone who wants to improve their health.

The attraction of the resort is the Residence of the Government of Evskinograd, located in the southern part of the resort. The building, created in the luxurious New Baroque style, is decorated with a beautiful garden, fountains and a staircase leading directly to the beach.

For lovers of outdoor activities – sports grounds, mini-golf, horseback riding, archery, bicycles, yachts, boats, surfing, water skiing and bicycles, fishing.

St. Constantine and Elena, Bulgaria