Utah – The Beehive State

Picturesque and unusual for the European eye, the state of Utah is located among spacious plateaus and rocky mountain ranges. A huge number of attractions, magnificent views, unique nature, many contrasts and a charming atmosphere – this is what attracts tourists here. Which, by the way, every year more and more arrive in Utah.

Utah state on USA map

The name of the state comes from the name of the Ute tribe, and the word itself in their language means “people of the mountains.” The state capital, Salt Lake City, is named after the nearby main attraction of the region, the Salt Lake.

How to get to Utah

From Russia, you can get here only by plane. The ticket price varies depending on the airline chosen by the tourist, the starting and ending point of the flight, the number of transfers.

There are 31 airports in Utah. The only international airport of all is located in the capital of Salt Lake City Intl Airport. It is from here that flights are made to the largest cities in the USA, Mexico, Canada, France and other countries. Among the largest are Saint George Municipal Airport in St. George, Canyonlands Field in Moab, Vernal Airport in Vernal and Cedar City Airport in Cedar City. From the capital’s airport to the destination city can be reached by long-distance airlines, as well as by train or bus. Prices will depend on the final destination.

Nearly 80% of the state’s population lives in the Wasatch Range, and much of Utah is uninhabited vast expanses. The average population density here is 10.5 people per sq. km. km (41 places in the USA).

Weather in Utah

Since the state lies in the rain shadow of the Sierra Nevada, the climate here is mostly desert, semi-arid. In summer, the southern and eastern parts of the state are on the path of the monsoon, which comes at this time from the Gulf of California. The driest place here is the desert of the Great Salt Lake.

Snowfalls occur in all regions of the state, with the exception of only the southernmost regions. Most of the area is characterized by cold winters and hot summers. And although Utah is reliably protected from cold air currents by mountains, Arctic air masses sometimes reach its territory. In January, the air temperature ranges from -10 °C (north) to +13 °C (St. George), in July the temperature is within +29… +38 °C.

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Attractions in Utah

The main attraction of the state is Salt Lake, Salt Lake, located near its capital. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In the center of the main city of the state is the beautiful Salt Lake Temple, built in the 19th century. This iconic attraction is considered by the locals to be one of the most significant in the world. Also of interest is the Museum of Church History, which houses a huge number of interesting historical documents, works of art and other artifacts dedicated to the history of the Mormon movement.

Utah is the most religious state in the US: 60% of the local population are Mormons (members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). And this is what has a huge impact on the culture of the state and the daily life of its inhabitants. So Utah became the 45th US state only after the Mormons legally abandoned the practice of polygamy in marriage.

Visiting the city of Springdale and the nearby Zion National Park will leave travelers with the most vivid impressions. Here you will see deep canyons, magnificent waterfalls, exhilarating rocky cliffs and even impenetrable forests.

Two more national parks – “Canyonlands” and “Arches” – are located near the city of Moab. Compared to the Canyonlands park, even the famous Grand Canyon will seem very modest. And Arches Park is notable for its unusual rocky landscape of a reddish-yellow hue, forming bizarre shapes. This is a real gallery of miracles created by nature itself.

It is also impossible not to talk about the Bryce Canyon National Park, which is a huge amphitheater of natural origin, the formation of which lasted more than one thousand years. This place looks especially spectacular in the winter season – covered with snow, it creates the feeling of falling into a fairy tale.

For those interested in American history, a visit to the highlands of Wellsville is a must. There are several major historical museums here, as well as a real historical farm. It is an open-air museum with an area of ​​130 hectares.

For ski lovers, the state of Utah has prepared several excellent Snowbird Trem ski areas.

Such an extraordinary variety of landscapes, resort areas, cities with a long history makes Utah one of the most popular tourist regions in the United States.

Utah - The Beehive State