Virginia – The Old Dominion State

The state of Virginia is often referred to as “Little Ireland in the USA”, meaning not only the ethnic composition of the local population, but also vast areas of green meadows and hills, many calm rivers and a large number of quiet villages among the hills, where all life bears the imprint of the settlement era. mainland by Europeans. Virginia stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Blue Mountain and Allegan ranges. This is one of the most historic states in the country, the capital of the Confederation, the site of the deployment of many events and, as the Americans themselves believe, the birthplace of the nation as such.

Rural garden in northern Virginia

The state is also known as the birthplace of presidents. It was on this land that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and five other American presidents were born.

The capital of the state is the city of Richmond, the major cities – tourist centers of the state also include Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Alexandria.

How to get there

Of course, tourists who decide to go to this “citadel of American history” first of all fly to Richmond. For those flying from Moscow, a flight with two transfers in cities in Europe and America will take 20 hours. However, don’t let that scare you. Be sure: your vacation will begin right on board the aircraft, the air carriers have already taken care of this, ready to provide you with the most comfortable conditions and the care of the cutest flight attendants.

In Richmond, travelers who want to be more independent in their movements and are not afraid of mountain roads usually rent a car. This is usually not expensive, but it makes it possible to enjoy the views and landscapes, stopping for halts wherever your heart desires. However, you can also use local buses. They are quite comfortable and reliable and run throughout the state.

Weather in Virginia

The climate of Virginia is very diverse. The eastern regions of the state are characterized by a humid subtropical climate. In the mountains, climatic conditions are more severe, the climate here is continental with a fairly large amount of precipitation.

Virginia is highly exposed to the elements, and thunderstorms in Virginia are fairly common. The coast suffers from storms and hurricanes. About seven times a year, tornadoes are observed in Virginia. So before you decide to travel around the state, check your plans with weather forecasts and do not forget to bring an umbrella and a jacket.

Popular hotels in Virginia

Entertainment, excursions, attractions

Virginia attractions include Shenandoah National Park and Arlington National Cemetery. In addition, Bush Gardens, John Washington Manor and Wolf Trap Farm may be of interest to tourists. Be sure to visit the complex of various bridges and tunnels across the Chesapeake Bay, take the amazingly beautiful mountain route Skyline Drive, drive along the freeway along the Blue Ridge Range and, of course, if you are traveling in the summer, sunbathe on the Guinness World Record-listed Virginia Beach as the longest beach in the world.

On the territory of the state there are famous and, of course, interesting historical monuments. These are, first of all, restored and reconstructed buildings, one way or another related to the colonial period. In particular, the house of George Washington (Mount Vernon), the house of Thomas Jefferson (Monticello) and other residents of Virginia, who made their name famous during the American Revolution and the Civil War. To begin your acquaintance with Virginia, no doubt, should be from its capital.

Be sure to visit the complex of various bridges and tunnels across the Chesapeake Bay, pass the amazingly beautiful mountain route Skyline Drive and drive along the freeway along the Blue Ridge.


The small city of Richmond is the former capital of the Confederation. The city’s top cultural centers include the Valentine Historical Center, the Historical Society, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the Richmond Symphony complex, the Richmond Ballet founded in 1957 and the Opera, which has been operating since 1974, the Bird Theater in Carytown – a classic cinema of the 1920s era, the Museum of Science on Broad Street and the adjacent Children’s Museum, the Confederate Museum near the Capitol and the Confederate White House, Civil War Battlefield National Park, and the historic Tredegar Iron Works ironworks near the waterfront.

Richmond is home to a well-known arts community and a huge number of museums, and its University School of Art is considered one of the preeminent in the United States.

Small in size, Richmond contains a huge number of green areas on its land (40 parks with a total area of ​​​​more than 610 hectares), the most popular of which are Monroe Park near the university campus, James River Park Systems and Forest Hill Park, Azalea Garden Joseph Brien Park, Belle Ile on the island of the same name and Brown Island with venues for various outdoor concerts, as well as nearby Maymont Park with a small museum, gardens, a nature center, a collection of carriages and a children’s farm.

The vast majority of objects from the time of the first wave of migration to the territory of the New World are concentrated in the Historical Triangle.

Historical landmarks

The so-called Historical Triangle, on which the vast majority of objects from the time of the first wave of migration to the territory of the New World is concentrated between three ancient towns, includes the town of Jamestown, located on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, Williamsburg, the largest restored historic city in the United States, and Yorktown, the battlefield of the final battle. Wars of Independence. And just an hour west of Richmond, at the foot of Blue Range Mountain, lies the Thomas Jefferson-Charlottesville Historic Center, famous for its restored historic buildings.

Now the territory of the old Fort James is the Jamestown Historical Park, which reproduces the life of the first English settlers, a favorite place for tourists for photo shoots.

Natural attractions

Rich history and magnificent nature have turned Virginia into one of the main tourist centers in the country. Huge areas of forests, descending from the mountains to the valley in the west and occupying almost the rest of the space to the beaches of the Atlantic coast, generously endow not only with fresh mountain air and birdsong, but also with wildflowers and berries, a huge number of squirrels, possums, foxes, deer, which will especially appeal to avid hunters. The state’s rivers and lakes are literally teeming with a variety of fish that delight anglers from all over the world.

Rich history and magnificent nature have turned Virginia into one of the main tourist centers in the country.

Adherents of ecotourism after visiting the capital, of course, should go to the Shenandoah National Park, rubbing west of Richmond. The Shenandoah Valley is known for its caves, waterfalls, popular resorts and vineyards.

In total, there are almost 60 wineries in the state, offering to try their products or take a tour of the workshops or the picturesque plantations of the surrounding area.

Here you can go hiking, horseback riding and cycling, caving and rock climbing, rafting and kayaking, fishing, enjoying the views and endlessly taking pictures. All this will turn Virginia into a fabulous place for you, having visited which you will definitely want to come here again.

Virginia - The Old Dominion State