What does AHB stand for?

1. Advanced High-performance Bus

The Advanced High-performance Bus (AHB) is a system bus protocol used in microcontrollers and processors, particularly in ARM-based systems. It is part of the AMBA (Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture) specification.

Key Features

  • High Performance: Designed for high-speed data transfer and low latency.
  • Single Clock Edge Operation: Ensures simplicity and reliability in data transfer.
  • Pipeline Capabilities: Supports pipelined data transfers to enhance performance.
  • Multiple Masters: Allows multiple bus masters, such as CPUs and DMA controllers, to communicate efficiently.


  • Embedded Systems: Widely used in microcontrollers and embedded processors.
  • System-on-Chip (SoC): Integral in the design of SoCs for various applications including consumer electronics and automotive.


  • Standardization: Provides a standardized approach for interconnecting components in an ARM system.
  • Efficiency: Improves the efficiency and performance of embedded systems.

2. American Home Builders

The American Home Builders (AHB) is an association that represents the interests of home builders and remodelers in the United States.


  • Advocacy: Works to influence policy and legislation affecting the home building industry.
  • Education and Training: Provides educational programs and resources for home builders.
  • Networking: Offers networking opportunities through events and conferences.


  • Industry Standards: Helps set standards and best practices in home building.
  • Economic Contribution: Contributes significantly to the economy by promoting housing development.

3. Asian Human Rights Commission

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHB) is an independent, non-governmental organization that promotes human rights in Asia.

Key Initiatives

  • Advocacy: Campaigns for the protection and promotion of human rights.
  • Legal Support: Provides legal assistance to victims of human rights abuses.
  • Education: Conducts training and awareness programs on human rights issues.


  • Awareness: Raises awareness about human rights violations in Asia.
  • Support: Offers support to individuals and communities facing human rights abuses.

4. Alabama Historical Association

The Alabama Historical Association (AHB) is dedicated to preserving and promoting the history of Alabama.


  • Publications: Publishes journals and books on Alabama’s history.
  • Events: Organizes conferences, lectures, and tours focused on historical topics.
  • Preservation: Works on the preservation of historical sites and artifacts.


  • Historical Knowledge: Enhances public understanding of Alabama’s history.
  • Preservation: Ensures the preservation of Alabama’s historical heritage.

5. Automated House Builder

The Automated House Builder (AHB) refers to companies or technologies that use automation in the construction of residential buildings.

Technologies Used

  • Robotics: Use of robotic systems for construction tasks.
  • 3D Printing: Printing building components and entire structures.
  • Smart Systems: Integration of smart home technologies during construction.


  • Efficiency: Increases the speed and efficiency of house building.
  • Cost Reduction: Reduces labor costs and material waste.

6. Australian Honey Bee Industry Council

The Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (AHB) represents the interests of the honey bee industry in Australia.

Key Functions

  • Advocacy: Advocates for policies beneficial to the bee industry.
  • Research: Supports research on bee health and honey production.
  • Education: Provides information and training for beekeepers.


  • Industry Support: Supports the sustainability and growth of the honey bee industry.
  • Public Awareness: Raises awareness about the importance of bees to agriculture and the environment.

7. Alaska Housing Board

The Alaska Housing Board (AHB) oversees housing programs and policies in Alaska.


  • Policy Development: Develops housing policies and regulations.
  • Funding Allocation: Manages the distribution of funds for housing projects.
  • Support Services: Provides support services to residents and housing developers.


  • Affordable Housing: Promotes the development of affordable housing in Alaska.
  • Community Support: Supports communities through housing assistance programs.

8. Anglican Health Board

The Anglican Health Board (AHB) oversees healthcare services provided by Anglican health facilities.


  • Management: Manages Anglican hospitals and clinics.
  • Healthcare Programs: Develops and implements healthcare programs.
  • Training: Provides training for healthcare professionals in Anglican facilities.


  • Healthcare Access: Improves access to healthcare services in communities.
  • Quality Care: Ensures the provision of high-quality healthcare.

9. Association of Home Business

The Association of Home Business (AHB) supports individuals and companies involved in home-based businesses.


  • Networking: Facilitates networking among home business owners.
  • Resources: Provides resources and tools for home business success.
  • Advocacy: Advocates for policies that benefit home businesses.


  • Business Growth: Supports the growth and success of home-based businesses.
  • Community Support: Creates a supportive community for home business owners.

10. American Health Benefits

The American Health Benefits (AHB) is an organization that provides health benefit solutions and services to individuals and companies.


  • Health Plans: Offers a range of health insurance plans.
  • Wellness Programs: Provides wellness and preventive care programs.
  • Support Services: Offers support services like customer assistance and health education.


  • Access to Healthcare: Improves access to health benefits and services.
  • Health Promotion: Promotes health and wellness among members.

Other Popular Meanings of AHB

Acronym Meaning Description
AHB Automatic Hot Backup A feature in database systems for automated backup and recovery.
AHB Airborne Hyperspectral Broadband Technology used in remote sensing and imaging.
AHB Analog Hardware Block A component in electronic circuits used for analog processing.
AHB Advanced Housing Benefit A form of financial assistance for housing costs.
AHB Alberta Health Board Governing body for health services in Alberta, Canada.
AHB Association of Hairdressers and Barbers Professional organization for hairdressers and barbers.
AHB Automotive Hybrid Battery Battery systems used in hybrid vehicles.
AHB American Heart Beat An organization focused on cardiovascular health awareness.
AHB Applied Health Behavior Field of study focused on health behaviors and interventions.
AHB Architectural Heritage Board Organization dedicated to preserving architectural heritage.
AHB African Health Board Organization focused on health issues in Africa.
AHB Association of Horticultural Businesses Trade association for horticultural businesses.
AHB Advanced Heat Barrier Technology used in thermal insulation.
AHB American Heritage Bank A regional bank providing financial services.
AHB Automated Harvesting Bot Robotics used in agricultural harvesting.
AHB Association of Home Builders Trade association for the home building industry.
AHB Advanced Health Benefits Enhanced health benefit plans offering comprehensive coverage.
AHB Animal Health Bureau Government agency overseeing animal health and welfare.
AHB Air Handling Box Component used in HVAC systems for air distribution.

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