Wisconsin – The Badger State

An ever-hurrying metropolis or a quiet provincial town, loud music or birdsong, the noise of entertainment venues or the deafening silence of nature, theaters, clubs, cinema halls or fishing, relaxing on the shore and walking through the forest? Do you choose the second one? Then Wisconsin is for you.

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee campus

Nestled between Lake Superior and Michigan, this state is one of the richest (in terms of natural treasures) states. Deciduous and coniferous forests, glacial lakes, of which, by the way, there are about 15 thousand, rivers, lowlands, plains, canyons and even mountain wastelands – Wisconsin has the whole “range” of natural attractions. Multiply this by thousands of kilometers of picturesque lands, the aromas of herbs, fearless representatives of the fauna, who are happy to rush to communicate with residents and tourists, and you will get the best relaxation program for restoring mental and physical strength, strengthening “loose” nerves and energy charging for the whole year..

Deciduous and coniferous forests, glacial lakes, of which, by the way, there are about 15 thousand, rivers, lowlands, plains, canyons and even mountain wastelands – Wisconsin has the whole “range” of natural attractions.

Fans of ecotourism, fans of sports recreation and just those who want to relax with their families, enjoy the silence, clean surroundings, the unhurried course of life, those who like to pick berries, walk in the forest, relax on a fishing trip, ride a sled or skiing.

The capital of Wisconsin is the city of Madison, the largest city of Milwaukee, in addition, Green Bay, Kenosha, Racine are considered the largest cities of the state.

How to get there

In Wisconsin, all Russian tourists are waiting for the General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee. It will take 13 hours to get to this “oasis of purity and peace” from Moscow by air (this is the duration of the shortest flight).

In the same place, at the Milwaukee airport, there is a small train station, from where you can go to other cities in the state, and throughout the country as a whole. However, do not rush to leave this city, it has something to show you and surprise you.

If you are already in Milwaukee International Air Harbor, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Mitchell Aviation Museum, located in the building of the main airport terminal, and one of the largest bookstores in the United States, Renaissance Books.

Weather in Wisconsin

The climate of the state is humid, summers are warm, winters are snowy and cold. For aesthetes, the best time to travel around Wisconsin is early autumn. From the variety of colors on the hills and forests of the state, the clear water of the Great Lakes in a foggy haze in the morning and the bright blue autumn sky makes you dizzy.

For aesthetes, the best time to travel around Wisconsin is early autumn.

Popular hotels in Wisconsin

Entertainment, excursions, attractions

The state with a melodious name is known for its rich history, wildlife and unhurried pace of life. People come here who want to enjoy the beauty of this region and simply “fall out” of the frantic rhythm of megacities and, stopping for a while, comprehend the beauty of the world around them, realize themselves as part of it and fill themselves with new vitality. By and large, Wisconsin is a kind of cozy and miniature “one-story” America.


The main wealth of Wisconsin, of course, is its nature. The state is famous for its recreational areas, which stretch from the Apostle Islands, located in the northern part of Lake Superior, to 85 beautiful state parks. Here you can see icy moraines, steep shores of lakes, dense forests and delightful emerald plains. Every year, the possibility of recreational recreation attracts many thousands of tourists, who often come with their families in search of a cozy and relaxing holiday. For a Russian tourist, the climate and natural wealth of Wixonsin may seem familiar and close to the heart.

The most attractive both for tourists and for the residents of the state themselves is the Apostle Island National Lakeshore park, located in the north of the state. The park is proud of its untouched nature, a small number of campsites and trailer parks, so you can always defy the elements and try an extreme form of recreation, breaking away from the benefits of civilization.

Excursion tourism

If you are planning to travel to Wisconsin, then not only quiet farms and picturesque landscapes are waiting for you, but also the “beer capital of the USA”, Milwaukee, the largest city in the state with more than a thousand bars and taverns and museums. It is also worth visiting Madison, famous for its university and the Capitol, in the town of Baraboo with its World Circus Museum, stroll along the coastline of the Door Country along Lake Michigan, go to the picturesque Madeleine Island and many others.

Milwaukee is a city that deserves special attention. This place is full of students and young people, colorful, cheerful, noisy and freedom-loving. There are many small breweries in Milwaukee, many of which make wonderful drinks.

Dear ladies, attention! Wisconsin law prohibits women from being on the street unaccompanied at night, as well as appearing in red in public places.

Bikers and sympathizers will no doubt be attracted to the Harley Davidson factory. This legendary factory has its own museum, a must-see. Another interesting museum worth a look is the Museum of Art, located in the center of downtown on the lake at the very beginning of Wisconsin Ave. The museum building is made in the form of a bird that opens and folds its wings – you can watch this action exactly at noon.

So, if you want to relax with your family, taste wonderful beer and various cheeses, get enough impressions and stock up on vivid photos, welcome to Wisconsin.

Wisconsin - The Badger State