Wyoming – The Equality or Cowboy State

Who hasn’t seen Wyoming? For each of us, the landscape of this state is familiar, as if native, because the fantastic beauty of the nature of the region, full of geysers, mountains, rivers and volcanoes, has long attracted not only famous Hollywood directors, but also the creators of already familiar commercials. The vast territory of the state of Wyoming, which forms a perfectly regular rectangle on the US map, is 2/3 covered by mountain ranges and ridges, as well as pastures and meadows of the Rocky Mountains, and 1/3 is the Great Plain plateau. In the west, the majestic Rocky Mountains rise, a natural extension of this massif – the ridges of Oal Creek, stretching through the Yellowstone National Park, Absaroka and Teton, on the territory of which the Grand Teton National Park is also arranged and the second highest peak of the state, Grand Teton, rises, complement picture of the highlands in the northwest. In general, in the west of the state there are about 40 mountain peaks with a height of more than 4000 m. In the south, Laramie flaunts, which has recently become popular among skiers. Because of this predominantly mountainous terrain, Wyoming is one of the so-called Mountain States.

Foothills of Grand Teton in Wyoming

Everyone has probably seen the landscape of this region in the legendary Marlboro cowboy advertisement.

Despite the fact that Wyoming is the tenth largest in the United States in terms of area, the population of the state is by no means high. The administrative center of the state and at the same time the most populous city is Cheyenne. Various events are often held in the city: rodeos, exhibitions. You can visit souvenir shops, museums.

Another major city is Casper, located at the foot of Mount Casper, where ski resorts have been built. Museums of art, geology, scientific centers, theaters are known in Kasper.

How to get there

The largest airport in the state is Casper, or Natrona County International Airport, as it is also called. For a flight from Moscow, you will have to be patient (books, magazines, board games will be provided to you by caring flight attendants) for at least 18 hours. You will have one or two transfers along the way.

You can choose the air harbor of your arrival and the capital of the state – Cheyenne. Travel time and the number of transfers will practically not change, but you will have to pay more.

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When you arrive in the states, rent a car. In Wyoming, there is no railroad at all, but there are wonderful highways. So a car is the most convenient way to travel here.

Weather in Wyoming

Winters in Wyoming are cold, and summers are dry heat. This is the windiest and driest state, so there are often sharp temperature changes. In winter, the snow cover is so heavy that skiers from all over the world come to the northern foothills of Wyoming. In summer it is always warm here. In the eastern part of the state, there is a considerable number of thunderstorm days, when thunderstorm activity is manifested over this territory. The highest peak occurs at the end of spring – the beginning of summer – at this time it is better to refrain from traveling around Wyoming, unless you dream of seeing a real American tornado.

Popular hotels in Wyoming

Entertainment and attractions in Wyoming

Wyoming boasts some very beautiful and interesting lands, many of which are protected by the US government: Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, Devil’s Tower, Fossil Bute National Monument.

Wyoming boasts some very beautiful and interesting lands, many of which are protected by the US government.

In the northeast of Wyoming is a unique natural site – “Devil’s Tower” (Devil’s Tower, “Devil’s Tower”). This is a 386 m high rocky monolith of volcanic origin rising above the plain. The unique rock was a cult object for many Indian tribes, and now it attracts climbers.

You can see the Tower in Spielberg’s film Close Encounters of the Third Kind. At the top of the Tower is a platform so flat that it has long been assumed that it was built specifically for the landing of UFOs.

Yellowstone national park

Yellowstone Park is known for its diverse natural landscapes. Due to the fact that the park is essentially located in the crater of the world’s largest volcano, there are the largest number of geysers and geothermal springs, which sometimes form bizarre landscapes and colorful hot lakes. Most of the springs and geysers are in the Upper Geyser Basin Valley near Old Faithful. Here, on an area of ​​about two kilometers, new geysers constantly disappear, then appear. Some geysers erupt constantly every 2-3 minutes, some dormant for years.

The largest geyser, the Grand Geyser, constantly erupts into the sky a huge column of water in diameter to a height of up to 60 m. Tourists admire it a little from the side from a special path laid between the geysers. Water and steam spouting from the ground are very hot and, even taking off to such a height, can douse you with a shower of boiling water.

Yellowstone is the land of waterfalls. Traveling through the park, you can meet more than forty different species and in the most unusual terrain. The most beautiful waterfall is the Upper Yellowstone. Around it there are many natural observation platforms convenient for admiring. Not far from this waterfall there is a trail that allows you to climb the rock from which the waterfall breaks and, going a little further, see the second Upper Yellowstone Falls. From a height of three thousand meters, it gradually descends into a large canyon and merges with the river. The upper waterfall is smaller, but more turbulent. It makes its way into the mountain range, which captures the flow of water in a narrow vise.

Yellowstone is the land of waterfalls, the most beautiful of which is the Upper Yellowstone.

Absaroka Range

The Absaroka Range is part of the Rocky Mountains, located on the border of the states of Wyoming and Montana. The highest peak – Peak Frankov reaches 4010 m. This mountain formation is completely of volcanic origin. The mountains covered with glaciers and age-old forests attract lovers of long hikes. Climbing the peaks is quite difficult without special training, so the routes run along the foothills with climbs to a small height.

In these places, several crystal clear mountain lakes are hidden, where you can get a rich catch.

Climbers and climbers are advised to go to the southern part of the ridge. The slopes here are practically vertical, which is of considerable interest to those who like to test their strength.

Cheyenne Festival

“Magic city on the plains”, as Cheyenne is called, grew out of a typical Wild West town. Over the centuries of its history, the city has changed, but the love for frantic cowboy fun and entertainment has remained. So every summer, in the last week of July, the 10-day Cheyenne Frontier Days festival takes place here, bringing back the spirit of the past with parades, Native American ritual dances, equestrian competitions and the largest rodeo in the world.

The largest spectacle even by American standards is a huge success and annually gathers up to 200 thousand spectators.

Here you will find not only the taming of bulls and horses for adults and sheep for your children (children’s rodeo), but also a big western festival.

After a stay in Cheyenne, visit the botanical gardens with tropical plants and flowers, the Old West Frontier Days Museum, which exhibits hundreds of old saddles and wagons, the State Capitol and the former Union Pacific Station, an exquisite 1886 Romanesque building. And do not forget about your friends: they will surely be delighted with souvenirs made by the hands of real American Indians.

Wyoming - The Equality or Cowboy State